Leeds family’s joy as baby Gidion marks start of a new chapter

A mother held captive in Rwanda, charged with crimes against the government, was freed after her story touched the hearts of thousands.

Now, just four months after youth worker Violette Uwamahoro was reunited with her family, she has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

Gidion’s birth this week, so hard fought for, marks a new chapter in the family’s story, they say, and he will grow up to know about the battle by so many people to save him.

“This boy was not going to be here,” said father Faustin Rukundo. “His fate was decided. The best outcome would have been for him to be born in prison. We didn’t dare hope for this. He has been given the chance of life. He is to grow up knowing that.”

Mrs Uwamahoro, 39, disappeared in February 2017 after attending her father’s funeral, sparking concerns she was being tortured over her husband’s political views.


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