By Claude Gatebuke

On these picture are 3 of the most famous Rwandans. Two are still living; one is Paul Kagame the president of Rwanda, a darling of the West who’s praised by donor nations and neocolonialits as an exemplary leader. The other is Karasira Aimable, a genocide survivor, musician, a university professor and a fan favorite among Rwandans of all walks of life inside and outside of Rwanda.

He is an instant viral machine when it comes to social media following because of his outspoken piercing truth that most Rwandans are afraid to speak.

Karasira brings the bitter medicine of truth using humor, intelligence, and a unique ability to connect with anyone along his path. And in the process brings healing to a ailing country in denial. The third one is dead. His name was Kizito Mihigo, a popular gospel singer in Rwanda. Like Karasira, he was also a genocide survivor.

Kizito didn’t simply die, he was assassinated this past Februry by Kagame’s dictatorial regime that claims to have ended the genocide in 1994 (growing evidence shows Kagame and his RPF in fact played a major role in that genocide). Kizito had been harrassed, tortured and imprisoned by the regime prior to his slaying.

Being genocide survivors, popular, and musicians are NOT the only things Karasira and Kizito share in common.

In fact, Kizito wasn’t killed for being a genocide survivor, popular or a musician. He was killed for being a free thinker who refused to bow down to the dictatorial regime led by Kagame. Karasira is the same way. In fact the RPF regime has killed his parents and siblings.

Disapproving of the atrocities by the regime is an important factor shared by both Karasira and Kizito. While Rwandans are still mourning the murder of Kizito by Kagame’s dictatorial regime, Karasira himself is under constant harassment similar to the ordeal Kizito went through.

Government officials are calling for his firing, security services are harassing him and signs are pointing to him being seriously harmed or killed by the regime.

This is a WARNING to let the world know and ensure Kagame and his regime are held responsible for the killing of Kizito and any harm they may inflict on Karasira.

If you are from a donor nation, you should demand that your tax money stop being used on a regime that not only murders its own citizens but also one that has invaded neighboring Congo.

The invasion has resulted in the death of over 6 million Congolese people, the majority being children under the age of 5 and hundreds of thousands of women raped. Instead, we must all join Noble Peace Prize winner dr. Dennis Mukwege in demanding justice for the Congolese victims of these atrocities.