Let’s remind ourselves at those house boys who have been slapped by Paul Kagame

By Gakwerere

Generals in Rwanda should be considered as Paul Kagame petty boys; whose ranks and promotions have been issued through favour, nepotism and patronage. For years, Rwandans have continued to witness the humiliation of these so called “generals” by their criminal master.

Corporal James Kabarebe; the man has been decorated by Paul Kagame’s slaps and kicks. This corporal has been humiliated by Umwega king even in front of his fellow soldiers. For example in November of 1998 after the Kitona defeat a sick, degraded and demoralised James Kabarebe was welcomed with barrage of slaps and kicks from criminal Paul Kagame; and if it wasn’t for Col Patrick Karegeya to beg for his mercy, the unthankful corporal would now be in his grave due to lack of AVR medicine and medical attention.

Corporal Fred Ibingira; this peasant corporal has also received several slaps from the criminal king. In Rwanda no one can do business in gold, diamond or timber without Paul Kagame’s approval; in January of 2012 Jack Nziza reported Fred Ibingira with other senior officers for having mineral dealings in Congo. When Corporal Fred Ibingira was invited at Village Urugwiro, the corporal was met with substantial slaps and Jackie Chan kicks from criminal Paul Kagame. On several occasions this corporal has also knelt and cried in front of Paul Kagame, as he begs for forgiveness for wrongs that he hasn’t even done; the man is now a brainless individual under Paul Kagame’s control and when he tells him kill!! The man will kill, and when he tells him seat!! The corporal will seat, without even questioning.

Corporal Richard Rutatina; this corporal who is now on gatebe his fat cheeks have also received numerous slaps from criminal Paul Kagame; these slaps have turned DR poison into a traumatised individual who regard criminal Paul Kagame as a demi God; that is why he used to eliminate any one that he commanded to kill by the criminal ruler.

Corporal Karenzi Karake; he has never been slapped by criminal king, but the corporal’s fatty face has been spat at by criminal Paul Kagame.

Corporal Kayonga Charles; he has never been slapped, but this corporal’s face has received Paul Kagame’s saliva; as he has been spat at on several occasions. In 2013 Rwandans witnessed at how this corporal and his family were humiliated, as he was ejected from the ministry of defence like a day time robber. During the infamous National Prayer Breakfast, I hope all Rwandans witnessed at how the immoral corporal clapped and smiled like an excited teenager after having sex; as criminal Kagame aggrandized himself at how he has killed Patrick Karegeya.

The above list is just minimal compilation, as the names of fake RDF/RPA officers who have been humiliated by the criminal King are endless.

When criminal Paul Kagame tells us that no one can overthrow him through a Coup d’état, the criminal is totally right. The Rwandan ruler knows very well that his corporals are a batch of cowards; who have no courage to overthrow him, but are more concerned in following his orders of killing innocent civilians and political opposition members