Liberal Party of Canada: between excessive racism towards minorities (especially blacks), allegation of misconduct and sexual assault on some influential members and diplomatic rout?

Overview of the situation

The Liberal Party of Canada has just regained power, after defeating the Conservative Party, which has been judged to be very right, for almost three years now. Enthusiasm was everywhere at its height because the new prime minister was relatively young and also seemed very left-wing in his positions. He was thought to be a strong supporter of minority integration and a proven feminist. Especially when, he made the decision to bring to our homes Syrian refugees who were very much in trouble. Also, he had the advantage of being the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau who was quite well known, appreciated and respected around the world. We will remember his visit to Cuba when Fidel Castro was the pet peeve of various leaders of American capitalist governments. It was thought that the young prime minister of Canada would at least follow a few steps from his father. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. It is especially in Africa that the vision of young Trudeau seems the most disturbing. The vast majority of the African political class perceives it as someone from elsewhere to offer them other than true development. Wanting to shake African taboos and defend abortion and gay rights at the Francophonie summit in Antananarivo, he faced strong resistance. Since then, he is perceived as someone who wants to impose perversion and unnatural in Africa. Moreover, these subjects are far from unanimous even in North America. These are almost taboo subjects. This trip was one of the worst Canadian diplomatic routines.

What about the integration of minorities after almost 3 years of power?

Most minorities seem to be unanimous in saying that the long-awaited change has never happened and that it may never happen. During the great liberal reunions, the minorities still complain about the coldness of the party’s high and well-placed (ministers, deputies and others). Apparently, they are uncomfortable and nerve pangs when simple activists or activists approach them. They do everything to avoid the real questions of ordinary people. When they answer, they do it on the sly or they simply run away without saying anything. Others are almost very rude and respond with an unpleasant or contemptuous air. Thus, minorities often feel cramped and undesirable. For this reason, we often see in these gatherings a group of minorities on one side and whites on the other. It’s like the country of apartheid or Ku Klux Klan. There are many people who think this demarcation is very unfortunate. We are of the same party and we are not able to integrate and talk to each other because of our difference.

In addition, it appears that appointments are made based on skin color, regional proximity and others. Although highly educated, minorities tend to work in lower paying jobs than white men. They are often forced because the Canadian unemployment rate hits them and grinds them harder.

One would think that after their electoral victory, the white leaders find themselves between friends or acquaintances or “gang” and share the best positions with their relatives, and exclude the minorities which nevertheless are faithful to them in the vote. Probably, the current Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau, would have done the same thing and maybe he is surrounded by his friends or relatives? Yet party leaders are happy when minorities come to occupy the empty chairs and show the multiethnic face of their party. Is the call to minorities in this party a trap? In this mousetrap, they are made to believe in a better tomorrow when it is not so. In my opinion, this party deceives the minorities, uses them, then throws them out of the way until the next elections. Also, during nomination, in many cases minority candidates are thrown into lost constituencies to fill all constituencies. Even worse, they are blamed for their defeats. But blacks are the biggest losers of this situation. They are leaving behind, militants at a discount. They do not enjoy any consideration. They are barely given the floor. You have to dare to tear off almost the microphone to have the right to speak. Their presence seems to disturb this white majority. Almost all minorities are represented in government except blacks. We do not even have a black minister in Mr. Justin Trudeau’s almost white government.

This situation is very annoying, unpleasant and nauseating for the black community in Canada, which has not responded. But behind the scenes, they are very bitter, they spit venom and insanity on Mr. Trudeau’s incompetent government. Many believe that this current Liberal government does not represent them.

They are almost unanimous in saying that the choice of the members of this governmental apparatus is dictated by the color of the skin by its composition. Yet cultural communities in general, and blacks in particular, vote overwhelmingly for the Liberal Party of Canada. But we do not see any concrete action on the part of the leader of the current Liberal Party of Canada in favor of the integration of cultural communities. Lethargy is total.

Faced with several complaints related to this form of racial segregation, shameful and inhumane. The party would have created the Multiculturalism Commission, so to speak, to meet minority expectations. But this commission never really worked. It was a booby trap. Members are asked to meet and work to expand the party to other non-members. The means and support of the party are almost absent. Unless the members themselves take money out of their pockets for their own activities.

Paul Martin would have been Canada’s best Liberal

Nevertheless, some leaders of the Liberal Party have done a lot for the cultural communities. This is the case of Mr Paul Martin who appointed Mrs Michael Jean, the current Secretary General of La Francophonie, as Governor General of Canada. Mr Martin was an excellent prime minister and he is probably the best of all. Economically everything was fine. Moreover, he could be approached, and he answered the militants. It’s the opposite for Mr Trudeau. He is a very bad Prime Minister economically speaking. This is unfortunate and regrettable for the Canadian and Quebec peoples who brought him to power.

Allegations of misconduct and sexual assault

Unfortunately, these days, horrible things are starting to come out of the shadows. The Liberal Party would be in turmoil. According to the media, the first Canadian Justin Trudeau, facing a charge of sexual misconduct 18 years, again defended Thursday to have acted “inappropriate”. My point is that he should be investigated under the zero tolerance policy for sexual assault that he has adopted in his party or government. Unless he is a defender of a false feminism. We have the right to know what has really happened. A few months earlier, another federal MP, Mr. Francis Drouin, was under investigation in connection with an allegation of sexual assault. Our leaders should be free from suspicion. But that does not seem to be the case. It’s terrible.

What should be done? Bring back the wisdom of Mr Paul Martin

It is hoped that the leaders of this party will react and bring once and for all, the necessary corrections for the proper functioning of this party undermined by inadequacies and inappropriate behavior. I apologize in advance to the audience for the possible misinterpretation of some of my remarks. My approach must be seen as the one to improve the functioning of the Liberal Party to which I am still a member.

Gondiel Ka

Montreal, Canada

[email protected]