How to live in Rwanda: user manual

Mr Boniface Twagilimana

If you want to live in Rwanda:
-Shut your mouth and be as dumb,
-Avoid thinking,
-Crap your hands to any idea/program from any authority,
-Don’t think anymore about your right as a citizen,
-Be like a blind, don’t show to anyone that you are seeing,
-Avoid any discussion or debate,
-Anywhere you are, anybody you speak to, praise, worship the mighty of the top leader (His Excellence Paul Kagame) in this country and all over the world.

If you refuse, or even give your point of view or ask questions, they say “you are against the will of the state.”

Then, you exactly lost your citizenship and be chased by every institution, every private sector,….your friends and relatives will be away from you as their way of escaping being victims.

Boniface Twagilimana