Abel Buhungu

By Gakwerere

As General Sun Tzu noted, “the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without a fight. Never allow a perceived enemy bring war to your door step, always plan to fight a war in the enemy’s backyard.” Criminal Paul Kagame is a believer of this ideology, the ideology of striking especially perceived opponents in diaspora without waiting for the opponent to strike him. He will destroy you merely for being a suspect, his mind-set is that of “kill first and explanation later.”

Criminal Paul Kagame idolises General Sun Tzu’s military ideology of intelligence gathering, counterintelligence assassinations and target eliminations as being the 1st line of defence. Therefore, for criminal Paul Kagame, he sees assassinations and killings as the only way to remain, preserve and protect his power. The insecurity that Greatlakes region countries are going through due to criminal Paul Kagame arises from his entrenched war mentality mind-set; Rwanda’s criminal ruler has a war time mind set.

Lusaka – Zambia

As noted in my headline, Lusaka – Zambia has turned into an operational headquarter of DMI in the SADC countries. For years, DMI had failed to establish a strong presence in the SADC countries due to severe strictness against intelligence clandestine operations from foreign nations. In this region, DMI was always operating through small shadowy cells and secretly coordinated by Rwanda’s top assassin in the region – Rwanda’s long time military attaché to Tanzania, col Faustin Tinka.

But in 2015 after Edgar Lungu becoming the president of Zambia everything changed. By May of 2015, just 5 months of Edgar Lungu becoming the president, Rwanda opened up an embassy in Zambia – Lusaka and by June of that same year, Rwanda air which is a DMI logistic capacity started two weekly flights to Kigali – Lusaka despite operating on a loss.

From 2015 up to date, this has been a loss making route for Rwanda airline. Despite the losses, the airline has continued operating on this route for the sole purpose of clandestine objectives. In February of this year – 2018, the minister of finance in the satanic system told oppressed Rwandans how the government is going to raise money through borrowing to cover losses made by Rwanda air.

The transfer of Abel Buhungu to Zambia

Abel Buhungu

What Rwandans need to know is that, the satanic junta system in power is totally not short of assassins, what they have in abundances are brutal, cruel and pitiless assassins. The country is totally in short supply of experienced human capital, but not experienced – merciless assassins – killers. Therefore, the manning of the Rwandan embassy in Zambia by Abel Buhungu was following the same pattern of appointing intelligence officers as 1st secretaries/1st counsellors.

Since the RPF took over power in 1994, their 1st secretaries/1st counsellors at Rwandan embassies in whichever country Rwanda has an embassy, he/she is a seasoned DMI operative – assassin. The transfer of DMI operative Abel Buhungu from Congo – Brazzaville to Lusaka – Zambia was a significant strategic approach in terms of countering any anti Kagame sentiment in that Region especially in Zambia’s overgrowing rich Rwandan community and the growing Rwandan community in Malawi.

Prior to being transferred to Zambia, Abel Buhungu had managed to clandestinely infiltrate the huge Rwandan community in Congo Brazzaville. For years, in Congo Brazzaville, he was able to instil the RPF/DMI toxic approach of dividing the community. The once powerful Rwandese association in Congo Brazzaville was infiltrated with their top leaders deciding to return to Rwanda and being awarded with ministerial jobs – roles i.e Mukantabana Seraphine. Abel Buhungu successfully arranged yearly come and see programs where the government of Rwanda would bring Rwandans from Congo Brazzaville to visit Rwanda and decide for their own about the country.

For those who resisted, the stick was used, poison assassination became the order of the day, with prominent anti Kagame opponents in Congo Brazzaville mysteriously dying through similar causes of internal organ failures. Abel Buhungu as the 1st embassy secretary in Congo Brazzaville was able to turn Congo Brazzaville a grave yard of many anti Kagame dissidents.

Zambia the base of DMI

After being transferred to Rwanda’s embassy in Zambia as the 1st Counsellor, Abel Buhungu’s 1st role was to infiltrate the Rwandan community especially the growing educated youth; he managed this through building intelligence networks within the Rwandan community in Zambia and using the already established DMI cells in Lusaka. Unfortunately, the first victim of Abel Buhungu’s evil schemes was a well-known anti Kagame blogger Nishimwe Richie Lionel who was recruited by the newly opened Rwandan embassy in Zambia, and he was later to return to Rwanda in late 2016.

In 2017, he was kidnapped by DMI and up to now no one knows his where about. This young man broke a survival rule, “never work, cooperate or trust a bloody thirst regime.” Post Kagame error will ask Abel Buhungu et al. what happened to this young man.

After establishing well seated networks in Zambia, Abel Buhungu under well researched work found out that Rwandans in Zambia are anti Kagamist radicals, they were successful in retail business and majority in the middle class bracket. DMI devised another method to make these Rwandans start thinking of returning back to Rwanda. The 2016 xenophobic riots against Rwandans and their businesses in Zambia was planned and orchestrated by DMI at the Rwandan embassy in Zambia. In the past I wrote and posted about the 2016 xenophobic riots in Zambia.

DMI assassination planning

Lusaka is the frontier of DMI operations in SADC countries, it’s the tactical headquarter of DMI in the region. Reliable information from those who are conversant with DMI workings have confined that of recently DMI stocks of poison for assassination have been taken to Zambia for redistribution to their field agents in the region. Rwandans in SADC countries don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Be careful on what you eat or drink, DMI’s fresh stock of poison from India is in your region and this isn’t a joke of scaremongering but a reality that we are facing the most despicable and brutal dictator in the history of mankind.

God bless and keep safe….we are on the right side of history – victory is on our side.