Macron to support Kagame approach : the falsification of the history of Rwanda “EN MARCHE”

By Alice Mutikeys

On 19 May 2021, at the height of the Macron-Kagame romance (MACROGAME), Vincent Hervouet played the spoils by doing what Rwandan youth now call “Gukubitira ikinyoma Ahakubuye” – denouncing the lie at a clean place. Indeed, on the aerials of Europe 1 the column ‘The international sight’ of the day had the theme “France still blind to Rwanda”. Back on this column.

As he says in his column, Emmanuel Macron’s visit announced by the end of May 2021 is the only concrete announcement of the Paris summit on Africa, a summit that brought together several African and European Heads of State to revive African economies but which did not result in any new financial commitment.

In MACROGAME, there will be no justice for the three pilots of the Falcon-50 shot down by the RPA on April 06, 1994.

This visit of Emmanuel Macron to Rwanda after that of Kagame in France raises questions about the Macrogame namely the game played by Emmanuel Macron to normalize Franco-Rwandan relations. In his analysis Vincent Hervouët begins by noting that this visit comes after the release of the Duclert report which rewrote the Rwandan History and slightly that of France to stick to the narrative that Paul Kagame wanted. The issues that raise questions are:

– The Habyarimana regime prepared the genocide. Even if the ICTR concluded that there was no state planning for the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994.

– President Habyarimana was killed by the genocidaires. Here we can ask ourselves how his regime could have prepared a genocide of which he was going to be the first victim, so why is he not commemorated like the other politicians who were victims of this genocide like former Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana.

France was protecting the genocidaires. If it is a French report, commissioned by the President of the Republic, who says it, who are we Rwandans to prevent the self-flagellation of France to please the greatest criminal in power in Africa?

Vincent Hervouet points out that the Duclert report has legitimized “the absolute power of Paul Kagame for 27 years”. From what Emmanuel Macron sells as the normalization of relations between the two countries is the falsification of the history of two countries in order to be able to seal his name in French history. On this point Kagame and Macron have two things in common, that of highlighting their personal glory even if the foundations of this glory are lies.

2021, love makes blind!

Macron is legitimizing the regime of Paul Kagame, what posture will Kagame adapt at the end of May to warmly greet Macron?

If falsifying history in Rwanda is facilitated by Paul Kagame’s oppression of the Rwandan people over the past 27 years, Vincent Hervouët tried to call upon Macron on the fact that the situation in France is different and that the words he will say in Kigali are expected. If on the surface France seems to no longer be accused of genocide Paul Kagame implied that he will leave the choice of words to the French president: I leave the choice of words to President Macron. Excuses cannot come at the request» his interview on France 24 and on RFI. Paul Kagame also said that his pre-standard beliefs may not have changed and that the best move would be an apology. For the chronicler of Europe 1, the French president could do at the same time by expressing “regrets without being excuses, remorse without being repentance”.

For Vincent Hervouet “travels rhyme with slippages” and therefore Macron will have to choose his words carefully to avoid making a scandal like his new ally Paul Kagame whose words, when he said that in eastern DRC, “there has been no crime, absolutely not”, have caused uproar especially among the Congolese and in the international community (see : and DRC – Charles Michel: “Rwanda: outcry in the DRC after President Paul Kagame’s comments on RFI and the EU has always supported Dr Mukwege’s fight.”

A non-exhaustive list of former or current high-ranking officers of the Rwandan Patriotic Army, their place is before justice because, as Dr. Denis Mukwege points out, peace cannot be built on mass graves.

Vincent Hervouet recalled that between 1996 and 2003, in the DRC there were two successive wars that resulted in at least 5 million deaths and “in the lot the systematic massacre of Hutu women and children, crimes that the  Mapping Report hesitates to qualify as genocide”. Since these massacres were committed by the RPA, among other things, it is understandable why the high-ranking RPA officers at the time deny or minimize the crimes listed in the Mapping Report. This is what Vincent Hervouet pointed out, arguing that “Paul Kagame does not want to hear people talking about that, preferring to argue that these crimes did not take place”. He added that “the Rwandan president does not support those who talk of it as the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Denis Mukwege, who has medically treated the female survivors of rape and genital mutilations.”

Vincent Hervouet concluded by saying that when we listen to President Kagame, the new ally of France, we think that maybe France was once blind in Rwanda, but the certainty is that the blindness continues and continues to date. 

There does not exist eternal political ennemies and politics may address issues that law failed to handle given that lies are allowed in political games and regime of the RPF is a master in this matter as it is built on the basis of lies and use those lies in its diplomatic relationships or in internal policies, as long as its interests are involved.Let wait and see.