Managing A Permanent Move From Abroad Back To The United States

Living abroad can offer so much in terms of the cost of living and quality of life. The truth is that people who return to the United States do so due to family. So many digital nomads returned to the US during the pandemic as the unknown was terrifying to most. Regardless of why you are moving back to the US from abroad, there will be certain things to adjust to. Inflation has raged in the last few years, which has not been met with wage increases leading to more of a strain financially on the middle class. The following are ways that you can manage moving permanently back to the United States after living abroad. 

Employment Opportunities

Individuals who have worked remotely for years might not have anything to worry about regarding employment. The one aspect to keep in mind is state income taxes and federal income taxes and get your documents translated. You’d be surprised how low taxes are in some parts of the world for its citizens. The cost of living is going to play a huge role in what job role you accept. You might even have to ask your current employer for more hours due to the potential increase in monthly expenditures. 

The beauty of today’s job market for those without a job is that they can easily apply months in advance. Digital interviews are becoming the norm as this can save time for both the applicant along with the HR professional. Having a job lined up can allow you to make a move without worrying about how you will earn a living. Some employers even offer relocation assistance, so this is something to look into. 

The concern could be that another global event might steal the livelihood of some professionals as it did with COVID-19. Remote roles are superior, as if the business offers a digital product/service, the need for physical contact is eliminated. Continually learning new skills can be so important as the job market in the US can be extremely competitive in some industries. 

Cities That Are Affordable Yet Have Culture

Finding an affordable city that still offers diverse cultures will take research. The truth is that some areas of the US are nearly unlivable during the winter months. Moderate climates might be the answer for those that want to escape the cold but don’t want extreme heat. The important aspect to remember about the United States is that it offers so many landscapes and climates within its borders. 

 Warmer climates with rich cultures can include states like Texas, California, and Florida. Florida and Texas do not have state income taxes which is why so many remote workers flock to these states. Dallas and Tampa are both booming cities that can be affordable in certain areas. You’ll need a car, though as public transportation in Florida and Texas is lacking in a variety of capacities. All three states have a very strong presence, including those residents from Central and South America. If wanting to replicate a lifestyle you lived in one of these countries, there are towns along with cities that fit the bill. 

Suppose you’d like to live in an area similar to where you lived abroad. Large cities are your best bet, as there are neighborhoods dominated by certain cultures. Certain areas are like a portal to another country with foods that cannot be found anywhere else in the city. Adjusting will be far less of a big deal when you are familiar with the culture around you. Moving to a place where you have no idea how people act or how you are expected to act is a recipe for disaster. 

Fixing Up The Home You Purchase 

Fixing up a home can allow you to change the home into one that you envisioned. Texas offers massive homes for reasonable prices in so many areas. You will want to make sure a few repairs or renovations are done immediately. Finding a Dallas HVAC contractor is very important as Texas summers can be so hot that it is almost unbelievable. Fixer-uppers might have hidden issues which is a risk that you have to consider. Those with large renovation budgets should always plan for a bit extra, as projects are not always executed efficiently. 

Making the move back to the US could be a welcomed change. Living abroad is not for everyone, as some enjoy the cultures they can experience domestically. Big changes in life require quite a bit of planning along with building pros and cons lists. You’d be surprised as to how clear a choice might seem when you list the positives and negatives of each option.