In a public display of utter disdain for Rwandan Refugees in DRC, the Head of MONUSCO, a money driven bottomless pit that wastes almost 2 billion dollars a year with nothing to show for, just told the refugees currently being tormented by MONUSCO/DRC Government in Kisangani, that they have no choice but to go back into Kagame’s larger internment camp, also known as Rwanda. Forcefully asserting that MONUSCO has no money, nor the will to care for these refugees, some of whom agreed to lay down their weapons to give peace a chance. In his speech, Martin Kobler, who is supposed to be representing the UN, ignores any rights these refugees might have as human beings, and takes away their free will as if they don’t matter.

Children who are being starved to death by MONUSCO in the Kisangani transit camp
Children who are being starved to death by MONUSCO in the Kisangani transit camp

As we have reported previously, Martin Kobler has been the hand behind all the torture and humiliation these refugees have gone through, condoning it, encouraging it by his insensitive speeches, even actively participating in the denial of medical care to the sick by refusing access to the Red Cross, an act that resulted in three known loss of lives, two in Walungu and one in Kisangani as well as a miscarriage and unthinkable emotional scars especially for the little children, who are forced to be part of this, by the simple fact that they were born to HUTU parents in DRC.



Soon, after Kobler made his speech, an official with Congolese Intelligence Services started taunting the refugees, telling them that as soon as the UN leaves they will have no one to run to, and they will be made to pay for all the crimes committed by Rwandans in DRC. Now that Pilate (Kobler) has publicly washed his hands of the Hutu blood to be shed in his absence, it is up to his executioners to carry on the dirty work.

For months now, we have reported incident after incident of grave human rights violations in UN run camps especially Kisangani and Walungu. Some of these incidents are of such a nature, that if they had happened to another group of people, the world would be up in arms right now. Think about the reaction in Bosnia, if a group of UN commanded forces had attacked and raped women in broad daylight? The outrage and the swift involvement by the World powers would have been instantaneous, and the media coverage incessant. Martin Kobler and his goons can do this, because they have known all along, that somewhere in the halls of New York, Washington and London, the Hutu, as a people, have been green lighted for any kind of mistreatment and the behaviour of both Congolese and UN personnel in Kisangani can only be explained by this entrenched attitude.

Martin Kobler during his visit in Kisangani transit camp
Martin Kobler during his visit in Kisangani transit camp

African countries involved in this drama should realize that unless they start to value every African life under their care, Africa will always be a mockery and a playground for con men and looters the likes of Kobler and his bosses.


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