Massacre of Fulani in Mali and demonstration in front of the embassies of France and Mali in Canada.

The population of the Peul ethnic group (or foulbés) of Mali has suffered since at least 2014 killings, massacres and all forms of inhuman exactions on its own territory. The last fatal incursion of which she was victim, dates from March 23, 2019. During this HOLOCAUST, one would have counted at least 160 victims including women, children and old people.

Armed militias consisting of Dogons and Bambara would apparently be responsible for these outrageous atrocities and cruelties. But who is arming these death squads in a country as poor as Mali? Many observers do not believe this fallacious and fabricated story. These 3 ethnic groups have always lived together but there have never been major and serious problems between them. The quality and quantity of weapons in a country as destitute and vulnerable as Mali, proves to a sufficient degree, a high level of international involvement. Many witnesses suspect a strong collaboration between these militias and the army which intervenes only after the assassinations or human butchery. His field presence would consist mainly of counting Fulani victims (dead and wounded). Why should not these militias attack the Tuaregs in the North? They are simply afraid of the latter who would be formidable warriors. On the other hand, these cannibals prefer to massacre defenseless people like, pregnant women, women, children and old people. And so far no one is arrested for these heinous acts.

Thus, the Malian army under the authority of the Malian government, led by President Ibrahima Boubacar Keita is strongly questioned. The latter is completely unable to ensure the full security of his fellow citizens, in the face of these carnage and barbaric killing senseless and repetitive. All the earth mourns these innocent victims, whose only harm is to be Fulahs. It is urgent for Mali to rid itself of this genocidal president, so that he will be brought before the highest jurisdiction of this world.

Moreover, there is the omnipresence of France in this country for centuries which is only its strategic interests. She has already conquered northern Mali with all her resources and is moving the war to the center of the country. This sordid criminal conspiracy of which the Fulani would be the greatest losers, could only be done with the blessing of the governmental authorities and the complicity of certain foreign powers.

This country (France) is also accused of being heavily involved in the Rwandan genocide. Moreover, we know that the regularity of this colonial power in Africa would be worse than the presence of cancer or AIDS in a human body. The French governments do not honor their people by pouring into cruelty in Africa. The African and French peoples are friends and brothers. We support each other in our struggles for our fundamental rights.

We hereby call on all African patriots and, moreover, the friends of the black continent, the human rights organizations and all the good wills everywhere to denounce this GENOCIDE of which our compatriots of Mali are victimized.

Therefore, we will organize a march to OTTAWA in Canada, between the embassies of France and Mali, to protest strongly against this barbarity of special forces under the responsibility of President Ibrahima Boubacar Keita. Therefore, we ask you to stay mobilized for this event. We will give you the date and time in agreement with the Canadian authorities.

Gondiel ka

Montreal, Canada


Expertise Relation Africa Canada