Meet Rwanda’s real prime minister, Ines Mpambara

A few weeks ago, on my timeline, I asked a simple question on who is the real prime minister of Rwanda. From my recollection, it’s only Joseph Ntwari who gave the answer which is similar to what I have in mind; this doesn’t mean that others were wrong. It only depends on one’s perspective of Rwanda’s contemporary politics which is next to pure chaos. Why did I ask such a question? The main reason for asking the question was to try to understand on the central figure that leads the government especially when Rwanda’s mobile president is on his habitual useless foreign trips. This is a complex question when you consider how criminal Paul Kagame has built the ruling system.

The system were individuals spy against each other, departments spying against each other, public officials spying against each other, different factions trying to outplay while debriefing against each other to the supreme ruler – Paul Kagame, rumour mongering being a virtue of the system and terror working as a modus operandi. In Rwanda, political power is very highly centralised in the hands of Paul Kagame.

On paper, Anastase Murekezi is the prime minister. In reality, he is only a ghost worker – prime minister. He is only an ineffectual figure whose role is to sign documents, attend local government functions and give speeches around the country. Attending any foreign assignment on behalf of the country is a taboo for this yes man who was appointed at this post for image purpose, to show Rwandans that Hutus are also holding high offices in Kagame’s land. Without forgetting, this whitewash prime minister doesn’t seat in any security meeting or ever receive any security briefing.

For those who studied the basics of political Science, will understand that political power is about asserting influence and ability to control the behaviours of those you’re leading; for Anastase Murekezi, the man has NO single political power. He is a lame duck prime minister, a powerless stooge. In the prime minister’s office, Anastase Murekezi is always under the constant eye of Kampeta Sayinzoga, wife to criminal Kagame’s nephew and the current director of cabinet in the prime minister’s office. This young lady runs the prime minister’s office. Back to my question, who is the real prime minister of Rwanda?

The real prime minister of Rwanda, with real prime ministerial functions, power and command; the person who runs and coordinates daily government businesses is criminal Paul Kagame’s chief of staff, Ines Mpambara. Unlike other Kagamist stooges, Ines Mpambara is totally smart, in a short time she was able to learn and master the political intrigues within criminal Kagame’s office. Ines Mpambara was a staffer in Jeannette Kagame’s scam charity organisation “Imbuto foundation,” Where she was in charge of doctoring financial documentations and other reports, in order for this charity organisation to continue getting financial support from donor countries and western philanthropists.

In trying to increase a number of confidants in the president’s office, Jeanette Kagame transferred her from her scam charity organisation to work in the president office. This was the time when Jack Nziza and Jeannette Kagame were the de facto controllers of the state, the time when they were disposing their perceived enemies and appointing there royalists in key positions. With the help of Jack Nziza under the recommendation of Jeanette Kagame, Ines Mpambara was appointed the president’s chief of staff in 2009. With the backing of Jeannette Kagame and Gen. Jack Nziza, her confidence grew and she quickly mastered the art of dirty political intrigue which blows within the RPF’s terrorist organisation.

8 years down the line, Ines Mpambara is now the most powerful individual in Rwanda. Last year’s marital problems within the criminal ruler’s house, led to re-organisation of the power structure within Paul Kagame’s inner circle. Jeanette Kagame was totally stripped of her political powers, needing the intervention of President Museveni to save her from total humiliation and the wrath of Paul Kagame. Gen Jack Nziza’s closeness to Jeannette Kagame, led to being unceremoniously dumped from the role of Inspector General of the Army (IGA) and the IGA role being permanently deleted within the RDF. His role of being the chief intelligence enforcer was moved to his nemesis, Gen. Dan Munyuza. On political front, Ines Mpambara became the real prime minister, absorbing all political powers and influence that Jeannette Kagame once held.

For example, no senior civil servant – minister can go for a foreign trip without the approval of Ines Mpambara’s office. No ministerial or government department report/project can be released/initiated without her office’s approval. She plays a big role in the national budget, especially in agreeing on government expenditures with Caleb Rwamuganza, the permanent Secretary at the ministry of Finance and economic planning being her errand boy in that ministry. Since Rwanda’s criminal ruler is always on endless and useless foreign trips, she was introduced in the country’s security circles, thus seating and receiving daily security briefings especially when criminal Paul Kagame is out of the country. No senior serving or retired army officer from the rank of a major upward can travel on a foreign trip without her office’s approval; this is done in coordination with Paul Kagame. In short, Ines Mpambara is the focal point in the coordination and running of the country. Don’t be mistaken by her baby face, she is politically shrewd, tough and ruthless.

As Rebecca Mackinnon once said, “Thanks to the internet in general and social media in particular, the people now have a mechanism to hold authorities accountable for wrongdoing. Major political power struggles and scandals are no longer kept within elite circles.”

N.B: Rwanda’s real prime minister, Ines Mpambara as former lecturer of contemporary mass communication, she is obsessed with social media and operating – commanding different accounts under pseudo names. Her, together with Paul Kagame and Ange Kagame; they are the ones who run criminal Paul Kagame’s social media accounts.