Most Popular Sports in Canada

Every country in the world has a huge percentage of people who play and watch sports on a weekly basis. Canada is absolutely no exception to this fact. There are a huge variety of sports enjoyed in Canada by millions of people of all ages. It can make careers, act as a hobby, or even just act as something you can talk to your friends about in the bar. But what are the most popular sports in Canada? 


Golf is played on a global basis. So it’s no surprise that since its introduction in 1873, the sport has attracted huge interest and participation. Canada has produced some very high-quality golfers over a number of years which has no doubt improved the status of the sport. 


Curling is a sport that doesn’t quite have the worldwide stature as some of the other sports on this list. However, it does hold a huge amount of popularity in Canada. Originally introduced in Scotland, it has become a sport heavily associated with Canada. 


Basketball is more commonly associated with Canada’s southern neighbours, but it is still massively popular up north. In fact, the modern game of basketball was actually founded by Canada-native, James Naismith. It is also very popular when it comes to sports betting. When fans can’t bet on the sport during the off-season, they can still enjoy the gambling opportunities at All Slots Canada casino. 


It’s rumoured that rugby was introduced in Canada by the Royal Navy in the early 19th century. In fact, it even completely disappeared from the country at one stage, before the founding of the national team and domestic competitions brought the sport back with a bang. 


Tennis again is a sport that is played in dozens of countries across the globe — having produced some serious tennis talent, it’s no surprise that the sport has attracted major interest over the years. 


Cricket in Canada is widely enjoyed and played, despite the lack of participation of the national team. Although they are not permitted to play in test matches, the women’s cricket team has been quite successful in various campaigns. 


Canada has shown a massive interest in baseball since the introduction of the sport. Due to this, it’s no surprise that the world’s oldest baseball park is located in Ontario. 


The world’s most popular sport is highly appreciated in Canada. The sport has gotten plenty of recent boosts in the past few years. After a great performance at the 2012 London Olympics, as well as the success of Canadian Alfonso Davies, there has been plenty to celebrate for Canadian soccer. 


Lacrosse was declared a national game in Canada in the mid 19th century. Since then, it has attracted massive attention. There are now two professional lacrosse leagues in Canada. 

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada and is perhaps the most popular sport in the country. The national league (NHL) is the most prestigious ice hockey league in the world, including teams from Canada and the US.