Mother of the Bride Dresses: Stylish with Discretion

The most beautiful day in the life of the daughter of the proud mom is indeed in the second row, but should be doing dressed stylishly. But there is one question every mom asks herself: “What do I wear as the mother of the bride?”. What Mothers & this are best suited and what to watch for, which we answer in this article.

We have the best tips for finding the perfect  mother of the bride dresses in 2022.

Main rule in dress Mother of the Bride

At the wedding a dress is at the absolute forefront: the wedding dress!

Whether dream in white or bold in color – the bride on her wedding day has of course always take precedence and must be gouged in the clothing question by any guest.

All eyes noted is, of course, to the persons who are the bride’s closest: the bride’s mother-in-law and the maid of honor. Whether at the wedding table or the countless photos,  these ladies should look discreet and yet elegant.

If you would like to wear a (partially) white dress, always discuss this with the bride first!

Tips for choosing mother of the bride dress

Especially for the beautiful bride mother dresses, there are a few tips to lay the perfect appearance at the wedding of the daughter.

Simple and discreet: the mother of the bride should consider the following aspects when it comes to the dress code.

Remember that you are not “dressing up”. Only those who feel comfortable have laid the foundation to experience unforgettable hours with the bridal couple.

Timing: avoid stress

The mother of the bride should choose the dress as early as possible. Ideally, as soon as the wedding dress is ready.

As the wedding approaches, there is more to do. And who wants to put together such an important outfit in a stressful situation?

Bridal dresses – adapt to the style of the bride

The very first question to ask when choosing a mother of the bride dress:

How does the bride appear?

If she wears a rather simple and natural wedding dress, the bride’s mother shouldn’t choose anything extravagant and overly unusual, but also something reserved.

If the wedding dress is romantically playful, a modern, funky dress does not suit the bride’s mother.

In short: the style of the mother of the bride dress should be based on that of the wedding dress!

Simplest and safest option: ask the bride how she imagines her mother’s outfit to be.

If tastes don’t quite match, a compromise should be found that both feel comfortable with.

Church and/or registry office

Registry office

If the daughter only marries in a civil ceremony, the focus of the celebrations is on that and the clothes of the bride’s mother can be appropriately festive. With a simple wedding dress, however, the mother of the bride should be careful not to appear too overdressed.

A trouser suit, sheath dress or a decent suit are a good choice for the registry office.

Registry office and church

Of course, two outfits or mother of the bride dresses are also required for two events, provided they take place on two different days. In this case, the church wedding is the more festive occasion, where the bride’s mother should be more elegant than at the registry office.

The style of the wedding – a starting point for the mother of the bride dress

Many weddings have a common thread, follow a certain style. This is also significantly influenced by the location and can, for example, be romantic, luxurious or unusual. This can be a nice reference point for the style of the mother of the bride’s dress if it suits her type.

In addition, this results in a harmonious overall picture on photos and co.

At a romantic wedding, a few ruffles are allowed, while in a luxurious location, the classically chic mother of the bride dresses are in demand. Vintage dresses are also ideal for the mother of the bride thanks to lace appliqués and delicate colors.

If necessary, the bride’s mother’s clothing can also be adapted to the wedding colors – purple, green or light blue, for example, fit well into the fashion for bride mothers. Of course, the colors black and white are no go. While white is reserved for the bride, pure black expresses mourning and has no place at the wedding.

Further information on the general dress code for wedding guests can be found in our separate article “General rules of conduct for wedding guests” .

Cuts, color and fabric – what is suitable for the mother of the bride

Whether classic A-line or shift dress – the bride’s mother should not be adjusted to the wedding and wear, which she feels comfortable and what flatters the figure.

Chiffon, satin or silk looks very festive and are always good choices. Beautiful festive organza mother of the bride dresses are also popular.

In terms of color, the mother of the bride does not go wrong with pastel tones, a delicate rose or yellow. Blue or green are also beautiful colors for evening dresses – so the outfit can also be used for other occasions.

Romantic patterns that match the season of the wedding are beautiful for mother of the bride fashion.

It is important that the outfit fits the type and that the mother of the bride feels completely comfortable.

Tip: A trouser suit can look very festive on you. If you cannot find the right dress, will you look for it!

Length: Short or long mother of the bride dress?

Knee, calf- or floor-length! During the day long mother of the bride dresses are not only impractical, but also not necessarily appropriate. With a three-quarter length to the calf or to above the knee, bride mothers are best advised. Never choose a dress that is too short, as this will have a negative impact on the wedding photos at the latest.

Warm around the shoulders

In addition to a too deep décolleté, bare shoulders are not appropriate, especially in church. That’s why a stole, an elegant scarf, a bolero or a subtle jacket can go with the chic mother of the bride dress. In this way, the bride’s mother is well prepared for the evening and continues to be elegantly dressed.

Mother of the Bride Shoes

Shoes that match the color of the mother of the bride dress and a matching handbag are a must for the festive outfit.

It is very important that not only the look but also the convenience of true. Both combine, for example, send and comfortable Party-shoes of LaShoe . From sandals with block heels bushing to Pumps in trendy colors, you let the varied selection inspired!