Mozambique: Rwandan refugees terrified

Revocat Karemangingo

By Erasme Rugemintwaza

The Rwandan community in Mozambique is mourning; it is more than frightened and terrified by the killing of Revocat Karemangingo. The presence of the Rwandan military in Mozambique has intrigued many people: it’s a wolf that entered a sheepfold!

Cleophas Habiyaremye, the president of the Rwandan Refugee Association in Mozambique, said that the whole community is appalled by the death of its Treasurer Revocat Karemangingo. Furthermore, to this consternation is grafted a great panic because the killer has officially entered their asylum and such a werewolf, he prowls in their surroundings: Kagame is present in Mozambique with his death machine, the Special Forces.

It is in the evening of this Monday on September 13, 2021, that this former lieutenant of the old Rwandan army (the Rwandan armed forces or FAR), Revocat Karemangingo, 54, was gunned down in Mozambique where he was a refugee.

Revocat Karemangingo, who was the Treasurer of the Rwandan Refugee Association, went home, at Liberdade, near the Mozambican capital, Maputo, when his car was stormed by two vehicles that block the way, one in front of and the other behind.

His attackers “shot nine shots on the vehicle. The victim was immediately transported to the hospital but he died, “said Mozambican police spokesman Carmina Leite, Tuesday. An investigation was open but the police do not hold any track. Revocat Karemangingo, who was engaged in pharmaceutical business in Mozambique, was suspected by Kigali of secretly supporting opposition in Rwanda.

This assassination occurred while Revocat Karemangingo, had himself alerted the Mozambican police over a plot to kill him, by pointing Rwanda. This alert has a background, because “even in 2016, the attack against him aborted. They had plotted to kill him at home, but luckily he returned home with another vehicle, that’s how they missed him, “says Cleophas Habiyaremye.

Note that even if it is said that Karemangingo was not a politician, refugees all the time and all over the world constitute, obviously, a radical group against their country of origin because they have grievances that push them to leave the country. And Karemangingo was not an ordinary refugee; he has been a military officer in the regime overthrown by the RFP-inkotanyi. Permanently, refugees are in conflict with the official diaspora; the latter has the primordial mission of boosting the public relations of their country and the hosting country while refugees often have an irritable aversion against their country of origin. It is in this antagonistic atmosphere between refugees and diaspora that Revocat Karemangingo has been brought to justice but acquitted for the case of the assassination of Louis Baziga, which was representative of the Rwandan diaspora in Mozambique, shot dead in Maputo, In 2019.

But the death of Revocation Karemangingo is far from being a simple vendetta but rather a plan prepared by Kigali to destabilize Hutu refugees who are always taken as targets by the hate speeches of Kigali. Unflinchingly, James Kabarebe publicly called upon Tutsi youth to rise up against the Hutu youth refugee in Mozambique because, according to the venomous words of this hardliner, the Hutu in Mozambique are rich and their children receive the scholarships of Excellency. By this intervention of Special Forces in Mozambique to rescue the province of Cabo Delgado, everybody knew very well that the second mission, but unofficial one, was to destabilize the community of these peaceful Hutus refugees in this southern region of Africa. And it’s not only Mozambique which is targeted, but the whole SADC.

It is know that the Government of Kigali persecutes Rwandan refugees not only in Mozambique but around the world. Note that still in Mozambique, the Rwandan journalist, Ntamuhanga Cassien, is currently missing while he has been arrested by the Mozambican police. Some people think that he had already been extradited to Kigali but that his extradition is held secret to not splash the image of Mozambique.

Several opponents of President Paul Kagame have been murdered or targets of aggression in recent years, particularly in South Africa. In February 2021 a head of an opposition party, Seif Bamporiki, 49, has been gunned down.

In 2014, the former head of intelligence of Kagame, who had become a fierce opponent, Patrick Karegeya, was found dead strangled in a hotel room of Johannesburg. Another Rwandan exile, former Chief of Staff of Kagame, Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, co-founder of the Rwandan National Congress RNC) with Mr. Karegeya, has survived several assassination attempts.

Anyway the Mozambican government has interest in protecting its image and do not break international law for the protection of refugees. It looks like the Mozambican government ignores how much Kagame can extend his recklessness. If Filip Nyusi could read the Mapping Report, he would be aware of what the assassin Paul Kagame is capable. Forewarned is forearmed!