MP Bwiza’s husband allegedly seeking US asylum

Kigali-Rwanda- Jean Marie Sekamana, husband to MP Connie Bwiza, who dramatically resigned from parliament last Friday citing person reasons is reportedly seeking asylum in the United States, Great Lakes Voice has reliably learnt.

MP Bwiza resigned after 15 years in parliament.

Diplomatic sources told this publication today that sometime back last month, Sekamana “had issues” with the establishment and later “fled” to the US where he sought asylum.

But before he could be granted this asylum, the US through its embassy in Kigali had to do a background check to verify Sekamana’s claims.

It’s said that when US contacted Kigali over the alleged harassment and torture of Sekamana, the government roundly denied it.

At one point, Sekamana worked at the RPF secretariat. But at the time of his departure with ruling party, he had joined private sector.

After news of seeking asylum reached Kigali, the ruling party was reportedly riled and pressurized MP Bwiza to write to US-setting the record straight that her husband was telling lies.

However, sources added MP Bwiza could not accept to write against her husband. It’s this standoff; sources said that led to the sudden resignation of the lawmaker.

When contacted on whether Sekamana was indeed trying to seek asylum, US embassy could neither deny nor confirm the matter.

“Unfortunately, due to the confidentiality of visa records, we don’t have anything to share on this matter,” Rebecca Danis, Deputy Public Affairs Officer said.

Sources told Great Lakes Voice that MP Bwiza is trying to secure appointment with President Paul Kagame to tell her side of the story. It’s not yet clear whether President Kagame has accepted to meet her.

This publication is aware that US embassy in Kigali reached to Rwanda government (Ministry of Justice) to verify torture claims.

On Saturday 06, 06 2016 Connie Bwiza was at Criminal Department where she recorded a statement about her husband torture claims and her resignation.

However, another source said that; “Bwiza’s troubles emerged when she told RPF meeting to conduct an independent audit at the party secretariat, but her enemies slowly dragged her in the undisciplined clicks. Now she’s accused all sought of things to which she’s now desperate to meet the chairman of RPF.”’

Source: GLV