MRCD does not support nor condone discriminatory views


PRESS RELEASE n° 2018/07/03

The MRCD informs Rwandans and other concerned parties of the following:
• MRCD and its liberation forces, the FLN, vehemently disassociate themselves from inflammatory messages and communications currently circulating different social media platforms especially WhatsApp.

• MRCD does not support nor condone any individuals, members or groups with any discriminatory views. We strongly condemn and denounce all forms of tribalism, regionalism and political extremism. In fact; it is contrary to what we value and stand for.

• We strongly condemn and denounce all practices of contempt, discrediting and vicious attack on either other political organisations or their leaders. MRCD and FLN’s cause is clear: To liberate Rwandans from the bondage of tyrannical regime of RPF and Paul Kagame, restore democracy and rule of law as enshrined in our founding Manifesto And for this treasured cause, it is in our best interest not to be distracted and sidetracked by such outdated ideologies instigated by Kagame’s agents.

• We therefore, ask all patriotic Rwandans from all tribes, regions and social classes to be vigilant and support us to get rid of tyranny and build a new country for all Rwandans as victory is undeniably on our side.

• All communications and updates on the people’s struggle, MRCD’s political positions/stand will be publicly and transparently communicated through our formal channels and structures.


General Secretary of the MRCD
Done this day July 25, 2018