Much said on Goma onslaught since yesterday is just a lip service. Some of what you may not be knowing.

1, Capturing Goma was principally to cut off re-inforcements from Angola and Zimbabwe en route to the war zone. With no aerial route, intervention remains hanging.

2, It is a direct order from President Kagame to Brig. Gen. Alex Kagame, two weeks ago.

3, Gen Ntaganda is heading an M23 training wing, whose intake, among others, is drawn from RDF units supervised by Emmanuel Ruvusha.

4, Goma capture has been on the table since the fall of Bunagana but derailed by internal disgareements within the rebel ranks- torn between loyals to Nkunda, Ntaganda and Makenga.

5, The attack was Kagame’s strategy to diffuse UN sanctions, and it has worked.

6, US is looking up to EU as far as DRC and Rwanda are concerned, and Belgium remains the only country to drive the matter to the extremes.

7, Contrary to popular belief, US and UK still have Paul Kagame as their point man.

8, Angola disregards Kabila for denying them to intervene earlier, lending credence to a popular belief tha Kabila is in bed with Paul Kagame, yet this deduction is wrong- Kabila is just always un-sure of his next move.

9, The rebels intend to cut supply routes to Kinshasa, rendering Kabila unpopular in Kinshasa as well, spreading discontent, move on, and this is the re-surfacing of Laurent Nkunda.

10. GOE made a strategic error by pulling the horns of the two bulls- thus bringing them togather in an un-holy marriage, that is both Uganda and Rwanda.

11, Kagame is not solely after resource control, he believes his military nemesis intend to use DRC as their launching pad.

12, Downing street and White house politicians and their financial backers are too divided that at any turn of the table, this war may end in Kigali. Keep your fingers crossed.

Didas Gasana