Musuhuke a.k.a Soki Killed by Rwandan Defense Forces Special Forces

Soki Sangano Musuhuke, a commander of FDLR splinter group, known as FDLR-SOKI, was killed last night in Busanza, Rutshuru, North-Kivu,  by Rwandan Defense Forces(RDF) Special Forces embedded within M23 Congolese rebels. He was killed along with 9 of his bodyguards.

Soki deserted FDLR-FOCA in 2005 following a conflict with FDLR Commander, General Mudacumura, and formed his own group. He was operating on the shores of Lake Edward and in northern Rutshuru. His forces included between 150 and 300 combatants.

Tricked into Cooperation with M23 Congolese Rebels.
According to sources within Soki’s group, Soki and his 9 bodyguards were killed while on their way to a meeting with a delegation of M23 Congolese. In recent weeks, he had been contacted by M23 rebels commanders, through ex-CNDP soldiers who had joined Soki’s group and was proposed a collaboration in return of a supply of weapons and ammunitions. He agreed to meet with M23 rebels commanders supposedly to discuss the terms of their collaboration and to take possession of arms and equipment supplies. What he did not know, was that the setup was coordinated by RDF special forces embedded within M23 rebels, and who are the real operational commanders of M23 troops (Invigorated by Recent Successes Against Rwandan Defense Forces, Rwandan Rebels Close in to Rwandan Border).  The RDF Sepcial forces ambushed him around 11:00 PM on Tuesday and after heavy battles and bombardment, he was killed.

Hundreds of Troops without a Commander.
Now, the question remains of what will become of his hundreds of troops. According to independent observers and sources in Kivu, Soki led an armed group engaged in regular and often large-scale looting activities and had no specific political agenda. He at one time or another allied himself with several Mai-Mai groups fighting M23 or CNDP rebels supported by the Rwandan government and military leaders  and on other occasions allied himself with CNDP and M23 rebels. He was also allied with Major Gaheza who allegedly was captured inside Rwanda and accused of working with Rwandan Defense Forces dissidents based in South Africa, General Kayumba Nyamwasa and Colonel Patrick Karegeya.
Eventually, it was found that Colonel Gaheza and Colonel Soki were rather being used by Rwandan Department of Military Intelligence (DMI) to try to frame General Kayumba Nyamwasa and Colonel Patrick Karegeya (see Rwandan Rebel Officers from an Offshoot Group Surrender of June 22, 2011)