My Odd Leaders Trudeau And Kagame 😂

By David Himbara

  • My Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is charming and dashing — 46 years young.
  • My President Paul Kagame is aging — 60 years old.
  • My PM governs in a democracy.
  • My Pres runs an iron-fisted dictatorship.
  • My PM was elected to high office in 2015 — three years.
  • My Pres captured power in 1994 — twenty four years.
  • My PM faces new elections in 2019— one year’s time.
  • My Pres is clinging to power until 2034 per constitutional amendment — sixteen more years.
  • My Canada and my Rwanda are so different.
  • My worry is but one.
  • My PM romancing my Pres.
  • My Lord have mercy — must this be so?
  • My democrat shouldn’t romance my autocrat.
  • My taxes might support my repression, should my democrat give aid to my autocrat.
  • My autocrat might cause worse harm — he takes lives abroad and at home.
  • My democrat must ensure that my autocrat doesn’t strike in my Canada.
  • My oh my — this romance makes no sense.
  • My PM and my Pres are indeed an odd couple.
  • My prayer is that there is not further romance.😂