Nakivale Refugee Camp located in southwestern Uganda, has become a pure slaughter camp of Rwanda Refugees

PRESS RELEASE No 002/OP.F/02/15:

The Rwandan Opposition Liberation Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba strongly condemns and denounces the killings targeting the Rwandan refugees and asylum-seekers in Uganda. The Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba launches “a cry of alarm” to the UN Security Council and the governments the World that the Rwandan refugees and asylum-seekers in Uganda are in serious dangers.

Based the increased killings, serious violations of human rights, abuse, inhuman degrading treatments to Rwanda refugees and asylum-seekers in Uganda, it seems that the refugee camps in Uganda in particular Nakivale resettlement camp which hosts refugees from Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan, Congo, Burundi, Kenya and Eritrea has been transformed in a slaughter and a dying place of Rwandan Refugees.

The Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba would like to recall the International community to take on serious the issues of recent murdered Rwanda refugees in Nakivale Refugee Camp and also in other refugees in Uganda, such as Kyangwari, Orukinga and Kyaka.

There is no doubt that the kidnappings and killings of Rwandans abroad are orchestrated by the Kigali regime which has regularly sent his death squads to hurt, kill or remove Rwandan refugees and asylum-seekers. We recall the case of Charles INGABIRE, a journalist of Inyenyeri Online Newspaper murdered by Rwandan secret agents while living in exile in Kampala, Uganda on November 30, 2011 (, the cases of Joel Mutabazi, Jean Damascene Iyakaremye and his colleagues kidnapped in Uganda, and many others.

The Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba calls upon the international community, human rights organizations such as Amnesty international, Human, Rights Watch, International Federation for Human Rights for a mobilization and an international condemnation of the barbaric crimes including torture, disappearances, killings committed against Rwanda refugees and asylum-seekers across the world and in Uganda and the DR-Congo in particular.

Facing all these Human right violations and threats against the Rwandan refugees, the Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba recalls the International community that all these many years since 1994 that the Rwandan People are suffering under dictatorship of the RPF-Inkotanyi regime which until now has not shown any effort of political dialogue, we Rwanda people will have no other ways other than the use of forces to back democracy and dignity of the Rwandan people in our country.

In conclusion:

The Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba and the families of the victims need to know the people who ordered the slaughters of Rwandan Refugees. The Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba therefore, requests for the establishment of an international commission for investigation on assassinations targeting Rwandan refugees in Uganda.

The Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba requests the Ugandan authorities to make an effort to investigate and bring to justice the murderers of Rwandan refugees and asylum-seekers in Uganda.

The Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba requests also on the Rwandan people and friends of Rwanda to remain united, and together to mobilize and loudly denounce these crimes against humanity.

Last not least, the Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba requests the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the governments of host countries to continue to protect and assist all refugees including Rwandans because it is in their international obligation and mandate to protect refugees and asylum seekers in accordance with the 1951 Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, its 1967 Protocol.

Done on 4th February 2015.

For the Movement ISANGANO-FPP Abajyarugamba

Jean Marie V. MINANI


Contacts: [email protected], , Tel: 004915216127584 CC:

– His Excellency Mr. Robert Gabriel MUGABE, President of the Republic of ZIMBABWE and Chairman of African Union and the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)

– His Excellency Mr José Eduardo DOS SANTOS, President of the Republic of Angola and Chairman of International Conference for the African Great Lakes Region;

– His Excellency Mr. Yoweri K Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda;

– His Excellency Mr Ban KI-MOON, Secretary General of the United Nations;

– Chairperson of the UN Security Council;

– UN High Commissioner for Refugees

– International Organization for Migration (IOM)

– High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR)

– Amnesty International

– Human Rights Watch Executive Director

– International Federation for Human Rights

– Germany ambassador to Uganda,

– Ambassadors of the five Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council (all)