No foreign state has the right to interfere in internal matters of a sovereign nation.

By Gakwerere

To defeat DMI, Uganda’s intelligence services have to adapt the Burundian model. Uganda’s intelligence services have to realise that they are in a war situation, a foreign intruder is encroaching state house and if they don’t wakeup, trust, Paul Kagame’s puppet will be controlling Uganda’s state house.

Burundi’s counter intelligence operation policy since the late 2015. When a DMI operative is arrested in the Country, the criminal is sent to hell where he/she belongs. They stopped massaging Paul Kagame’s DMI assassins who had penetrated the country, especially it’s government and military structure.

In order to stop DMI operatives that where turning Burundi into a failed state, the Burundian intelligence services that had lost several high ranking officers through DMI led operations – assassinations adopted radical measures in order to save the country.

3 years down the line – 2018, Burundi’s intelligence services has managed to crash all DMI operations in Burundi and all DMI cells/networks in the country have been neutralized. As a DMI officer recently told me, “we have an intelligence blackout in Burundi, even the locals that we try to recruit all refuse in fear of reprisal if caught.”

After Paul Kagame’s failed sponsored coup d’etat in Burundi, the panicked Burundian intelligence services adopted a counter intelligence policy of blood for blood against DMI and their collaborators in the country. After such drastic measures, Burundi has become a no go area for Paul Kagame’s marauding DMI assassins. Thus becoming one of the safest country in the region.

In one of the audios leaked by RNC where Gen Dan Munyuza was telling one of his agent in Europe, in the audio, Gen Dan Munyuza, a renown Kagamist assassin noted that, ” it’s becoming difficult to get concrete information from Burundi.” Gen Dan Munyuza told his field agent in Europe how they have failed to assassinate president Peter Nkurunziza.