Dear Abraham Mutai, I miss the words to express my gratitude for your support voice to us Rwandans. I do not stop shedding tears when I read and re-read your tweets supporting us in our situation of political misery led by the dictator Paul KAGAME who kills, embeds, kidnaps, torture … his own people, he should protect.

However, Mr. ABRAHAM Mutai, you put your life in danger and the secret services of the dictator Paul Kagame can follow you, hurt you even kill you at all cost even in Kenya.

May the following facts that took place in Kenya-Nairobi can teach you how to behave and take care of yourself:

– May 15, 1998, Seth Sendashonga, the former Minister of the Interior who had taken the road to exile was killed in Nairobi, Kenya by the killers of the dictator Paul Kagame

– A few days later, Colonel Theoneste Lizinde and Augustin Bugirimfura were shot and found dead in Nairobi, Kenya by the dictator’s men.

– Recently, Emile Gafirita who was preparing to give his testimony accusing the dictator, was kidnapped by the men of Kagame Nairobi, two years ago without trace.

– In this year 2015, the former Rwandan Armed Forces (EX-FAR) soldier who worked at the International Criminal Court for Rwanda, and living in Nairobi, Kenya, Captain Chrysostome NTIRUGIRIBAMBE was reported missing.

– The list of Rwandan refugees kidnapped or killed in Kenya is long, we remember Mashood Abiola, Jean De Dieu NDAMIRA, Jack Murenzi, Emmanuel KALINDA, Etc. Many Rwandans living in Nairobi, Kakuma Refugee Camp and Daadab are afraid of losing their lives …

– Time and time again international human rights organizations like Amnestie International and Human Rights Watch call on host governments to strengthen protection for Rwandan refugees and asylum seekers who may have justified fears for their safety in exile because they (organizations) are familiar with the dictator in question.

Mr. ABRAHAM Mutai, I would advise you to take care of you more than you do, control your environment, know well your friends, who you share in bars and hotels and do not trust the police absolutely because do not matter when you can risk your life.

There are many ways Rwandan services use like commandos, prostitutes, poison, money paid to the police, cabs, and so on. Note that there are many agents of the dictator Kagame here in Kenya.

Many Rwandans have lost their lives in different ways in Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa and elsewhere.

I salute your campaign on social media and we are behind you.

Best regards,

A Rwandan refugee in Kenya, Nairobi.