Norway: RPF government continues to exploit and use refugees in activities of killing each other.

By Rugema Kayumba

RPF government continues to exploit and use refugees in activities of killing each other, forging cases against each other ranging from genocide to terrorism.

One friend of mine sent one hundred dollars to his relative exiled in Congo and his fellow refugees helped Rwandan Embassy in Stockholm to give their fellow genocide crime and his baby of two years by then was named a genocidal.

Rwandan refugees, in Europe and globally have been intimidated by Rwandan Embassies to serve her in espionage,killing people and kidnappings but those who refuse to serve in such dirty work are given genocide crimes when they are hutus, terrorists or thieves when they are tutsis.

When you look at the list of these RPF members called Rwandan diaspora and following their support of Rwandan terrorism government in espionage and harassing fellow refugees you ask yourself how they got refuges status in Norway!

You wonder what these people’s cases were based on to grant them protection while promoting the government that kills its nationals and refugees on its soil!

Some of the members on this lists are related or connected to the most notorious killers in Rwanda who are known for exporting killing squads globally.

We tasted this in Oslo when dictator President Kagame last visited Norway some of these people almost killed fellow refugees who had pictures of Emanuel Munyaruguru a Norwegian of Rwandan origin who was killed in Uganda on some of these people’s tips and Victoria Ingabire one of the few women in Rwandan history who showed political interests of challenging Kagame.

When will UNHCR and European governments start cleaning these criminals in refugees cover? You wonder how refugees mobilize funds to support government they run out of its oppression can go without being questioned and people supporting their fellow refugees end up being investigated as genocidal and terrorists financiers?

I call my fellow refugees more especially Norway to ask and help Norwegian government to know who is a real Rwandan refuges and Rwandan moles in Norway.

We have people struggling with genocide flamed cases and some of us were threatened that when we step in region where Rwanda is we shall either be killed or taken to Rwanda for political crimes all these things are not only known by Norwegian government but globally Rwandan government is hunting down all her refugees and these are some of the people doing it in Norway.