Now we know the truth, the road to freedom is still too long

He was the one a generation is proud to have

He was an example to follow

He was meant to touch more lives

He was a true value

When the times became tough, 

he did not hide

He did not escape his responsibilities

He did not wait for someone else to take the lead

He did not try to go around the problems

With a simple sentence, full of wisdom

With a beautiful song, only him could compose

With a beautiful voice, a gift from God

With a lot of courage, only from God

He put together the sons and daughters of our country

Some think he did not know what will happen to him

Some think everything came by surprise

Some think at some point he felt the heavy burden and wanted to give up

Some would like to see him as a simple human

But he was not a simple person

He was a person with a Message

A Message of love and peace

A Message of unity and reconciliation

A Message for his country

A Message for his generation

He did not fail his mission

He delivered his message

He achieved his duties

He finished his task

Now he is gone

Now he is at peace

Now it is our turn

Now everything is clear

Now we understand the Message

Now we have seen the true face of this regime

Now we know that the road to freedom is long

Now everyone must take his responsibilities

Now no one among us will say he did not know

Eric Ngoga