Nsabimana “Sankara’s Court Case: A new stunt targeting Uganda, Burundi and some Rwandans in exile.

By Dr Charles Kambanda

Nsabimana Sankara was spokesperson for FLN, a rebel outfit fighting to oust Kagame. Kagame junta kidnapped Nsabimana Sankara from an unknown country. For the past couple weeks, Sankara was detained in unknown place. 

The junta presented him in Kagame’s court today only to pleade guilty to all charges. 

In UNITED STATES of America, v. Francois KARAKE, et al., Defendants. The United States District Court, District of Columbia concluded that Kagame Junta uses torture to force suspect into “guilty plea”. Sankara’s case probably represents what Kagame junta does in many cases; torturing people until they “plead guilty”

Interesting questions:

1. Sankara is accused of forming and commanding a rebel group that attacked Rwanda. He was apparently accused of the crimes committed by his troops in Rwanda. However, he was prosecuted in a “civilian” Court contrary to Article 155 of the 2003 Constitution of Rwanda, which provides that:
“The Military High Court shall try, in the first instance, all offenses which constitute a threat to national security and murder committed by soldiers irrespective of rank.”

2. The gov of Rwanda has persistently said that: (i) there are no rebels in Rwanda, and (ii) FLN does not exist. However, Sankara is accused of the crimes he allegedly committed as a commander of FLN rebels.

3. Sankara is accused of what Kagame junta calls “denying Tutsi genocide”. Sankara is Tutsi. He was in Rwanda in 1994; he has a right to narrate what he saw happen during the 1994 massacres. He said it clearly; Kagame and some of his RPA fighters butchered some Tutsi, Hutu,Twa and foreigners during the 1994 massacres, which Kagame markets as Tutsi genocide. Kagame junta calls Sankara’s protected speech and his life story a crime; “genocide denial”!

4. With such stunning contradictions in the charge sheet, no right thinking person would plead guilty to the same and, certainly, no reasonable Court would accept that plea lightly. These things only happen in Rwanda

5. Clearly, the Junta wants to use this scame – “case” – to attack Uganda, Burundi, Rusesabagina and Rwandan politicians in exile . 
Why did the junta take the “gulity plea” route, instead of presenting evidence to Kagame’s Courts, in such a case they are already using to throw mud ay neighboring countries? 

Does Kagame junta reasonably expect the world to believe this garbage?