Open Letter to Andrew Mitchell, MP

Dear Andrew Mitchell MP,

1)  You were dancing when, we, Rwandan people were being killed by both sides of the Rwandan war. You are now fighting to protect one side of that war by dismissing the war crimes, massacres and human violations that they committed in Rwanda, Congo, neighbouring countries and other countries.

2)  We were butchered in Congo Forests when you were watching TV and taking wine.

3)  We were attacked in the refugee camps of Congo when you were enjoying your family life. We lost our children, husbands , wives, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers as the result of the attack carried out  by Karake and Kagame on the refugee camps.

4)  Many of  us were killed by Kagame and  Karake when we tried to return homes. Most of  us did not reach homes. There was no NGO, no  journalists to witness this. All NGOs including British NGOs had left the  refugee camps because they were informed by Kagame and Karake about the plan to attack the camps.

5)  Members of our families took the routes to Congo forests, most of them lost their lives there: killed by  Kagame and Karake, attacked by animals including snakes or being drown in lakes and rivers. You were  not there. You were at  your home with your family, friends , relatives. You were doing politics in your constituency.

6)  You say that  the arrest of Karake in political motivated. Your defence of  Karake is political motivated too.

7)  After the war, you   travelled to Rwanda on several occasions for long stays  to  have dinners with Kagame at his  home. You enjoyed shaking hands and dining with killers.

8)  Then, you continued the same behaviour when you became the Secretary of State for International Development

9)  As the Secretary of State for International Development, you failed to  control your emotions and your joy of having Kagame, your friend,  as the President of Rwanda. You  managed the Department in an irrational and personal  way. You provided UK aid to Rwanda on the basis of your personal relations with Kagame. he has been using that aid to strengthen his power and to get richer.

10)    You are racist. You are among the ones who  supported Kagame to attack the refugee camps in Congo and in Kibeho.  You are among the ones who said: let them die because they are black, because they are hutu, provided that our interests are safe.

11)  When I see your head which resembles to the  head  of a snake, I remember the snakes of Congo Forests.

12)    If the UK , a  member of the UN Security Council, cannot ensure that justice is done and human rights are protected around the world, who do you think  should this ?


Alfred Nganzo