Open letter to His Excellence President of Uganda Yowel Museven Kaguta.

Your Excellency security of Rwandan refugees and Ugandans with Rwandan links are like of 1980s during UPC regime when Rwandan refugees and Ugandans were forced to Rwanda others to IDPC or camps same thing Igp Kayihura is trying to institute today.

Rwandans were linked to your then liberation struggle which Kayihura made record this week a group of evangelist with other travelers from Mpororo and other parts of the country some going to Tz for their families and businesses others going for evangelical mission to Burundi. People as it is indicated on list of the bus which was stamped for exit were returned from Tz by immigration police after telling Tz that people were ADF rebels which was convincing reason to Tz following what Adf confused rdf did to their forces.

The police of Kale serving kigali terror started torturing them to confess as rnc/adf rebels to fit the deception Rwandan intelligence services and General Kale mafias had even put in the report they sent to Kigali which we have copy from our insiders in Kigali which can be verified.

This followed the attacks on people who were to petition to the parliament of Uganda and more harassments in media.

Today the regional police commander Munyaneza who is said to be cuisine to General Kale and Jackson Nziza with CID mbarara Alex they invaded church Agape and picked Dr.Ruvuma Sam senior lecturer in faculty of medicine in MUST with no reason of arrest.

_Dr Sam Ruvuma is brother to Col. Katinda Ruvuma of military court martial , he is one of the Mpororo people who suffered in their country in hands of igp Kale Kayihura.

Dr. Sam refused Rwandan arrogance of of killing his fellow nationals even refugees and it attracted him to be target of Kigali killers and her agents in Ugandan police.

The Dr. Sam has reported to different security services in Uganda the problem of Rwandan government of killing his fellow nationals who refused to serve Kigali.

Our question is what does President Museven and Janet Kataaha Museveni waiting for to see people being killed or threatened into their country into submission to foreign land.

Cases of Rwandan government undermining sovereign of Uganda has gone far to the extent of giving Rwandan identities to Ugandans without the knowledge of foreign affairs.

Ugandan security services officers who were not paying tributes of selling secrets of their land ,those who were not killed were pushed on side examples of those we remember are Afande Mayombo, Aronda and those who were pushed on side because of Kigalis baby cries are Gen. Mugira and his intelligent team now Bgn Kandiho , Gen. Tumukunde, Col. Asimwe and Bgn. Kaka Kigali is not only detested with them but wants them dead.

Uganda police is more good to call it Rwandan slaughtering hand in Uganda since it has been used by Rwanda government to abuse her nationals rights in Uganda.

Kindly President Museven as the appointing authority save your people mercenary of Rwandan government in your forces.

Kindly First lady women have been raped while trying to look for help and others lost their husbands and children into the hands of police which I can call Kale Kayihuras so help us with Ugandan police which will keep law and order.

Rugema Kayumba


  1. You stupid fellow Rugema! With your ignorance and madness, do you think president M7 doesn’t understand clearly all you seem to twist and wish against Rwanda? Gen Kale is Ugandan and works for Uganda, M7 knows it better than you! Do u want to say that president M7doesn’t know his Generals well?
    Dr Ruvuma Sam is a muhima / Ugandan who studied in Rwanda and worked there, is the only link, (where u recruited him) stole funds fm Gisenyi hospital, ran away fm justice just like you and you know better why and how you ended up where you are!
    So a fool like you can not educate high level personalties. Col Katinda has nothing to do with his confused bro; doctor-turned-pastor mafia; just like your elder Dr Rudakemwa in king faisal kigali is not a terrorist like you but instead saving people’s lives.
    When you try to drag innocent people esp big names into your confusion and hatred, we all see that you are seeking favours from Ug; Alas, in afew days when you are facing justice either in international or Kigali courts none of them will even give you water leave alone pleading for u!
    Just afew last words for you: By harassing Rwandan people, persecuting them innocently, turnishing their names; denying your identity; teaming up with killers and plotting for Rwandan leadership: you are not only committing suicide but accelerating your end of life.
    See you in justice, and to be sincere to you those using or harbouring you will turn out to be your persecutors soon if not executors. Watch this space you hater and fool.

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