Open letter to Mr Paul Kagame

Mr Paul Kagame ,

I am consoled by the  news of the release of the 2140  Rwandan prisoners who I am sure, are for the most part victims of the  deficient justice system that you preside over as supreme judge.

In the case of  Madam Victoire Ingabire ,  the truth of the matter as I have no doubt you  know  very well , is that she never should have spent a day in jail.  You  unjustly imprisoned her and caused harm to her person  and to her family, and to add insult to injury , you now claim to have pardoned her.

What have you pardoned her for ? Perhaps for  exposing your insecure nature to the world.

Mr Kagame , you are in no position to pardon anyone ; as a matter of fact , you are the one  who should be seeking to be pardoned for the many atrocities you stand accused of !

This letter is certainly not to thank you for releasing the unjustly imprisoned . Rather , it is to demand the release of all the others you have  disgracefully denied justice, freedom of choice and freedom of expression .

The list is long  and some you have ordered  murdered even when they were  in police custody.

We will not  relent from demanding that you release our brothers and sisters  that you are trying to divert attention from .

Until you release them all , we will fight you and we will keep exposing your ruthlessness to the world.

Release Deo Mushaidi. Release  Boniface Twagirimana and all the members  of FDU inkingithat you have imprisoned for exercising their right as citizens of Rwanda.

Release Adeline Rwigara ,release Diane Rwigara .

Release Tom Byabagamba and Frank Rusagara  whom you have court martialed for being related to Dr David Himbara .

Release Joel Mutabazi, whom your agents kidnapped from UNHCR  custody.

Release our brothers and sisters that you are holding incommunicado , sequestered  by your tyranny for speaking out against the injustices of your gruesome dictatorship.

Noble Marara

September 14th 2018