Open Letter to President Barack Obama: Take the right action to prevent another catastrophe in Rwanda

Dear President Barack Obama,

I write to you once more to urge you to take the right action to prevent another catastrophe in Rwanda.

For some time now Kagame’s agents has been in full swing manipulating and coercing the population into faking calls for the amendment of the constitution to allow himself remain in power indefinitely.

Every Rwandan inside Rwanda and outside is intimidated and is fearful for his/her life. No Rwandan inside Rwanda would dare speak up, because the psychopath murderer shoots to kill in broad day light.

Even though Rwandans have been traumatized by the horrors of wars and wish no more bloodshed, their patience and tolerance of a mass murderer who murders them day and night 365 days a year is being tested to the limit

If the international community allow him to amend the constitution and have a free pass to continue murdering, imprisoning, torturing, and subjecting them to all kinds of injustices, Rwandans will have no other options except picking up arms to defend and liberate themselves from the mass murdering regime. The consequences of another civil war in Rwanda are just as horrific as the 1994 Genocide, War Crimes, and Crimes against humanity.

Mr. President, your failure to act decisively at this juncture will prove to be another lamentable regret in humanity’s history. It seems as though the US has given Kagame the green light to continue murdering Rwandans with impunity and this is not in the best interest of the US.

I thank you for your consideration

Martin Ntiyamira