Operation cleaning the west: Kagame new operation to shut down the opposition based in the west

Paul Rusesabagina pictured in Rwanda after his arrest. (From Rwanda Investigation Bureau/Twitter)

By Ben Barugahare

In the wake of the recent kidnapping of Paul Rusesabagina, The Rwandan has learnt that a former Rwandan external intelligence officer, who has recently sought asylum in an european country has provided a details plan called ‘’Operation Cleaning the West’’.

For the intelligent officer safety and the asylum application that is process, we will not reveal his name and the location. It will be revealed as soon it safe to do so.

That ‘Cleaning Plan’ aims to shut down the most influential opposition voices and human rights advocates outside of Rwanda using diverse means. The intelligent officer also provided recorded voices of various planning and implementation meetings that have been held throughout 2019 at various location, particularly in Kigali, Brussels, London and Washington. 

The plan also comprises of a number of political and human rights organisations that should be targeted in destroying their credibility in views and opinions about Rwanda. 

Methods that are proposed to use in attempting to shut down those dissident voices include but not limited to:

  • Poisoning 
  • Assassinations 
  • Kidnapping
  • Character assassinations
  • Issuing of arrest warrants and Interpol red notice where is possible.

The plan clearly states that when it became challenging to disturb targeted individuals directly, tailored and indirectly actions to disturb their personal and professional lives should be considered. These actions could target their careers, employment, direct family members and businesses. 

The plan also state that ‘’ where the implementation of any action of the plan may jeopardise the relationship between Rwanda and the country in which the action will be made, a contingency plan of public relations and diplomatic talks should be put in place prior to the action’’ He plan add that 

The plan also comprises of a list of key targeted individuals divided in priorities. Individuals in her priority group have been selected for that group because:

  1. They demonstrated to have strong influence in changing the views and opinions about Rwanda at the international level.
  2. They have demonstrated to have strong ability in effectively influencing young people in developing an opinion about Rwanda, that is different from the one portrayed by the government. 
  3. They have been the brain behind activities that have effectively affected the reputation and image of the current Rwandan leadership.
  4. They do not need to be in an organisation setting to undertake actions that can be harmful to the Rwandan government in terms of its reputation. 

Individuals in high priority target include:

  1. Faustin Twagiramungu – former prime minister based in Belgium.
  2. Paul Rusesabagina – humanitarian and politician based USA and Belgium.
  3. Rene Mugenzi – Human right advocate based in the UK.
  4. Dr David Himbara – An economist based in the Canada.
  5. Claude Gatebuke – Human rights advocate based in the USA.
  6. Eugene Gasana – Former diplomat based in the USA.
  7. Denise Zaneza – Human rights advocate based in Belgium.

In low priority target include:

  1. Gustave Mbonyumutwa – Activist based in Belgium.
  2. Ruhumuza Mbonyumutwa – Activist based in Belgium.
  3. Prudentienne Seward – Activist based in the UK.
  4. JMV Ndagijimana – former minister based in France
  5. Thomas Nahimana – a former priest and politician. 
  6. Placide Kayumba – Politician based in Belgium
  7. Charlotte Mukankunsi – former diplomat based in Canada.

The above list is reviewed every 3 months and individuals can be moved from high to low priority list and vice versa. New names could also be added on the list during the review meetings.

Organisations that are on the targeted include:

  1. Kizito Mihigo for Peace – KMP.
  2. Jambo asbl
  3. Global Campaign for Rwanda’s Humans Rights
  4. CLIIR
  5. RNC

More details about this plan will be relieved in the next coming days. 

Some targeted individuals on this list have been warned.