Our comrade Major Sankara was shown as a banana trunk: Paul Rusesabagina

PRESS RELEASE No 2019/05/19

Friday, the 17 of May 2019, the platform MRCD followed with interest, the presentation to the press and the public of our comrade Major Callixte Nsabimana Sankara, President of the RRM, second Vice-President of the MRCD and former spokesperson of the FLN.

We express our strong hesitations about the conduct of the ceremony, especially the fact that our comrade Major Sankara was shown as a banana trunk, handcuffed and vigorously apprehended, and he could not even open his mouth, just to greet the audience, the only way that could attest that his physical and mental health is hitherto preserved.

We vigorously refute the “terrorism” charge alleged by the spokesman of the Rwandan Investigation Bureau (RIB), since the legal basis for this accusation is later than the beginning of the struggle by the FLN, which proves that this text is just a weapon to thwart the FLN as well as any Rwandan who, in the future, would dare to rise up against the dictatorial regime of General Paul Kagame.

We welcomed the appointment of Mr. Moses Nkundabarashi as the lawyer-counsellor for our comrade Major Sankara. Mr. Nkundabarashi reported himself that he is under pressure in the management of this case. This leads us to request to the government authorities to renounce any interference in the course of this case. Like the rest of the Rwandan people, the MRCD will scrupulously follow this trial. We hope that Mr. Nkundabarashi will show courage and professionalism, and we wish him all the best, as this case will enhance his name and that of the entire Bar, a case that honors the ideal of justice in our country.

To Justice Minister Mr. Johnston Busingye, who is in charge of the judiciary, safety and health of detainees, we ask that:

•Major Sankara be examined by an independent Medical Doctor and of his choice;

•Any acts of persecution and torture against Major Sankara, stop immediately;

•Major Sankara be allowed to be visited by friends and human rights organisations.

Done in Brussels this 19/05/2019


MRCD Chair Person

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