To many, school years were the best years of their life. While for others, it wasn’t the best time, but they still got one or two things to look back at their school days with a smile. Whether good or bad, many of us will never forget our schools days: the constant strive to gain relevance and popularity, the unrequited romance, the pressure to meet up with peers, the anxiety that gulps you as you watch your grades fall like a snow, the struggle to graduate with good grades and the pressure from friends. All these contribute to the many experiences and the best things about the school we tend to remember always. One thing is sure, no matter your experience, there are more than a hundred reasons why you should remember it for good. Here are seven reasons why the school was such a pretty good place to be.

  • Friends

The ability to meet people from different backgrounds, culture, and personality traits are part of the reasons why I love school. While in college, you probably had a circle of friends and even a best friend whom you share your thoughts and interest with any time. They provided help with assignment and other projects, thus, making great schooling fun. Remember when read together, gossipped each other and went to the club and other parties. Indeed, your friends must have made schooling such a memorable time that you miss them badly. Sadly, after school, we tend to go our separate ways, and only a few of us can keep the same friendship we had in school. Even if you try to meet up or hang out with your old friends after graduation, it may require a lot of planning and some distance to be traveled that we just forget. Hence, we are left with no other option than to treasure the memories we had with them while in school.

  • Free knowledge

One of the good things about school is that you can learn so many things for free. Even if it may not be entirely free, but the cost may be subsidized for you as a student than when you were not one. When you leave school, you will discover how expensive learning can become for you, especially if you live in the UK. You can gain access to free tools and resources for some tasks and also a great deal of assignment help the UK too. It isn’t magic! It’s just because you were in school when you graduate you will see the difference.

  • Exercise

If you ate exercises just like me, you would appreciate school and look back to it with a smile. Indeed, those are memorable days to treasure. Remember when you had the habit of doing exercises daily just because it was made compulsory by your school. Back then, you may have frowned at it, searched for flimsy excuses why you wouldn’t want to engage in it, and wished it wasn’t part of your daily schooling activities. But now, many years after leaving school, you cherish those times because it helped you to keep fit and avoid being lazy. Now you know it was a damn good thing as you frequently search online for tips on how to stay healthy.  

  • Resources

Back then as a student in the UK, you had all the resources you could ask for whether you need them for an assignment, thesis statement writing, essay writing or research, you could quickly get the help you need right there in school. Now, it’s a bit different. You may have to search online to get the resources you need, such as assignment assistance from Edubirdie as well as other as the necessary information to execute the project. So you will remember that!

  • Teachers

Whether you like it or not, you will miss your teachers at some point. They give you assignments and make you stick to the guidelines. The best part is, they are willing to share their ideas and knowledge with you and offer university assignment help to students so they could finish tasks on time and make progress in learning. 

  • Holidays

Half term break, Christmas, and summer holidays all contribute to why we miss school days. As much as possible, I looked forward to such holidays with great anticipation and excitement. I remember making a list of the various activities I was going to engage in during the summer holidays, and I was was going to tell my friends about it when school resumes. These are all memories now and the reason why I love school.

  • Oblivious of the future

Back then, we didn’t know what’s going to happen next, and we pretty much never gave a damn about it. We never knew what we were going to do after graduation, but that wasn’t much of a headache as the future seemed far away in the distance. All of us knew as time flew passed, opportunities will come, and we will grab them by the horns. Fortunately, life has been filled with different paths as well as possibilities. 

How was your school life? Was it fun-filled or lessons-filled? By now, you can see why there are many reasons why you should remember school years with a smile. If not for any other thing but for the wealth of experience you gained.