Our current knowledge will be a lie in the future

By Nimi Princewill

Knowledge is an easily acquired unreliable asset! The continuous reliance on whatever portrays an individual as “knowledgeable” can likewise, portray the same individual as clueless and outdated in the long run.

Every knowledge is vulnerable to inferiority when a superior knowledge is diligently dug out of it’s mystery. In other words, whatever we currently know and believe to be true, is subject to change when a higher knowledge shows up!

As the world continues to transform in style, most of its components seem to tag along in a new underwear! Doctrines change, laws are modified, and ideologies evolve as a result of improved understanding to suit modern realities. Conservatives and religious extremists as expected, get to lose their temper as well!

The enticing upgrade in technology we drool over today, was initially taunted to be unintelligible, sheer wishful thinking and even acts of witchcraft in some religious quarters. Not because the working knowledge of science wasn’t staring us in the face the whole time. It was rather, our naïve understanding of scientific manipulation.

The ‘sacrilege’ of breaking loose from the stiff grip of religion, can place you at the receiving end of a judgmental stare down from a devout believer of a certain faith, who doesn’t consider you as being fully logged into his or her strong beliefs.

The practice of religion can be likened to alcohol and its varying mental effects on consumers. While it messes up the mind of a light head after a few gulps, you have no idea the ‘slice of heaven’ it gives to a pro! Religion is what you think of it, depending on your continuous depth of knowledge.

So, if you somewhat feel a disagreeing tingly sensation which seem to riot against some doctrinal beliefs you were indoctrinated into and devoutly perceived as “truth” all along, you may have begun your rites of passage into a “higher” knowledge!

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Nimi Princewill is a Nigerian writer, poet and social reformer. He’s very passionate about social reformation and the political development of Africa. He’s most notable for his unconventional opinions on issues that cut across religion, sports, social lifestyle and politics.