22 years have passed when duty called. On that 06th day of April 1994, our dad General Juvenal Habyarimana answered the call.

When evil Museveni taught hatred, our Dad preached peace; when evil Kagame taught how to kill, our Dad talked peace; when evil Salim Saleh talked revenge, our dad taught unity; but when Museveni invaded Rwanda to kill, our dad answered to protect without hesitation or fear.

He didn’t ask what it would cost him,
He just saw a need that was clear.

A need to defend his country,
No matter what anyone else thought.
Despite back stubbing from his own, our Dad went to the frontline.
Despite being despised by his own, our Dad stood firm and talked peace, and taught unity.
And there he stood and he fought.

He fought to preserve our freedom, he fought to maintain our unity, he fought to keep our peace,
Our right to govern ourselves,
Unencumbered by some foreign nation,
Trying to erase the beliefs we hold dear.

So our dad is a hero in my eyes,
And I hope he’s one in many eyes too.
Left with no option, he gave up his life
trying to ensure every Rwandan maintained love, peace, unity, freedom, and development.

Rest in peace my Hero Juvenal Habyarimana.

Francis Xavier Ndagabanye Muhoozi


About the author: Francis Xavier Ndagabanye Muhoozi is author of the book “A Deficit Of Logic In The Great Lakes Of Africa: The Floods Of Innocent Human Blood That Could Have Been Spared,” published by Authorhouse in February 2011