Our Man Is Finished – The Republic Of Rwanda Has A Mad Ruler

By David Himbara

Look at this Kagame madness in just one week of 19–23 February 2018:

  • An African Union Chairman and Rwanda president refuses to attend a heads of state retreat in his own region of the East Africa Community.
  • An African Union Chairman and Rwanda president fails to attend a Heads of State Summit of his own region.
  • While fellow African heads of the state in his own region are meeting to discuss infrastructure and health, the African Union Chairman and Rwanda president massacres unarmed refugees on his territory.
  • Meanwhile, the African Union Chairman is trafficking African refugees expelled by Israel – the Chairman receives US$5,000 for each refugee.
  • And the African Union Chairman has failed to fulfill his bombastic promise of rescuing Africans being sold as slaves in Libya.

Meet General Paul Kagame, the dictator of the Republic of Rwanda, and Chairman of the African Union.

We clearly have a madman at the helm of state power in our beloved Rwanda. Our man is finished.