Our ´YEGO elections´ are so far nothing short of a complete success.

Over 20 million Rwandans have voted (Yego, over 20 millions!) and voted well (now, you know what means).

Well, before you ask about the ´20 millions voters´ (for those who don´t know), here is what you have to know: You will have heard about something called “Our own democracy“ or `Local solutions for local problems“.

Yes, we are creative here: The voters population here has nothing to do with such variables as country´s population or criteria such as voting age: Those variables belong to the western democracy which is not applicable here.

Here, voters are a ´construction´. For example, we know that the children who were born today and those about to be born would vote `YEGO` and we don´t want them to be deprived of their ´right´ to decide, so, we consider them in our voters population and creatively represent them…there are other creative and relevant variables that we consider…and as such, our voters population is always bigger than what you would expect.

Now you know how why we already have such a big turn up and as I said “all are voting well´. YEGO, they are voting well.

Charles Kabonero