Oxford:Eggs thrown during protest against award for Rwandan president Paul Kagame

While attending Rwanda day in London President Kagame stated that those who threw manure and eggs at Oxford University and at his motorcade should have eaten them, because they looked hungry. Among the demonstrators at Oxford University at Said Business College were members of the Rwandese community in the United Kingdom together with the opposition members of the RNC/FDU as well as civil society and the Congolese community. They all gathered today to express their feelings about the university having invited the murder and dictatorial ruler President Paul Kagame to Oxford University where he received yet another award for his “development of Rwanda.”

The demonstrators demanded explanation as to why he portrays himself an elected leader to convince the west when evidences prove that he is a killer and a murderer who had a hand in the deaths of over a millions of people. The demonstrators came from far some from Belgium France Holland and Scotland, and even the United States, holding signs with images of the people who died in the Congo as well as inside Rwanda.

The demonstrators handed leaflets to students of Oxford University early in the morning prior to the commencement of the occasion. london protest3The leaflets read ‘wanted criminal help us arrest this man.’ With more information inside the leaflet explaining and referring to the UN mapping report as well as the report of exports on Congo and the M23 rebels. This appeared to divert the students understanding of Paul Kagame, and some students appeared very confused.

When President Paul Kagame arrived he had to be whisked to the back yard of the building due to the anger of some of the protesters who could not stand recalling the problems and family members who were killed due to Kagame’s orders. Some demonstrators jumped in front of the car, throwing eggs Kagame’s car plus Manure from the police horses. The police finally won the battle and managed to get Kagame inside the conference but he only stayed for less than an hour due to known reasons.

On his way out President Paul Kagame was again whisked from the back door and driven around the right side of the building. This was after his cars were taken for cleaning as they were all full of debris (Manure and eggs). This time, when Paulo Kagame came out, however more eggs were thrown at his car, this prompted the police to become more physical but it was too late as one of the female protesters had laid herself on the bonnet (hood over the engine) of the car. Finally the police managed to take the young lady away, but during the process the car travelling behind Kagame sustained broken glass. The police reviewed their film and confirmed that the person who broke the glass was travelling in a bus which came from Belgium, the whole bus of 50 passengers was escorted back to the boarder and deported back to Belgium. Twenty-five officers were on duty at the protest and two individuals were arrested but then released. The police used their horses to restrain and control the crowds. At one point the police called in a Fire Truck and told the protestors that if they did not m manage the event better than they would use the water hose on them in order to control the crowd. The crowd then reorganized itself and maintained proper behavior.

troxy1The demonstrations continued to the Troxy Hotel where Kagame has been meeting the Rwandese people who believe in him. Kagame’s regime had transported this audience from the entire world to come and listen to him; his main objective was to make the west believe that he is loved by his people, when most of them are afraid of Kagame’s service men who harass everyone in the country who dare to speaks out.

Demonstrations continued on Troxy Commercial road a building which is under construction; this because all of the halls and hotels that had been reserved the owners changed their mind after finding out about the occasion. Kagame’s followers were walking calmly inside the building and the protesters standing to the opposite side of the building, with very friendly policing everything appeared to be under control until 1900 hours which was the end time of the demonstrations. While arriving on Troxy Paul Kagame had to use the back door which the demonstrators had no access to, this was to avoid what happened in Oxford earlier in the morning. The head of the Congolese Mockerekese explained that the main objective of the demonstration had been reached and so what is left is for the world to understand that when you host a murder, rapist then you will have protestors who stand up for what is wrong.

Jonathan Musonera of the RNC stated that the main thing they have all achieved is the relationship between the DRC and Rwandan refugees which had been damaged by Paul Kagame’s interest. He said this relationship had divided the neighbours but they all know that the dictators are the one to blame, not the citizens. Ambrose Nzeyimana thanked everyone for attending the demonstration; he also reminded the people that the collaboration between all great lakes region refugees started today.

Noble Marara

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  1. Many thanks for your relationship with congoleses men and women.
    Many thanks for showing the international community including the British people who is Kagame until todate.
    It was fruitfull that kagame did not walk and pass in front entrance.
    Once again,many thanks to the congolesea for their bravure and patriotics acts for today.
    “L’union fait la force and we will win him soonest”

  2. many thanks to those people who were in London to speak the truth. Paul Kagame wanted indeed.Is the one whose heaviest criminal our world has ever hosted.

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