By Gideon Rukundo Rugari

Paul Kagame has completed his umpteenth invasion of DRC with the help of President Tshekedi’s myopic invitation. 

Rwanda’s secretly built army, known as “Inkeragutabara” – a mainly infantry army that is 50,000 men and officers strong, without counting Special Forces elements and RED TABARA, a group that is tasked with the invasion of Burundi soon. This army is made up of seasoned fighters who were involved in previous DRC wars as well as FDLR fighters and commanders. 

The army is under the leadership of three Generals:

Gen John Bosco Kazura; CDF but specifically focusing on Burundi and Katanga.

Gen Fred Ibingira the main field operations commander 

Major General Innocent Kabandana: The Chief of Staff who is known for his excellent & sober minded personnel and logistics management skills 
General Patrick Nyamvumba is tasked with management of Defence Diplomacy and he is going to be the main man explaining to the world why this DRC territory should be an independent state but under Rwanda influence. Gen Nyamvumba is supposed to explain that Burundi is a failed State and needs international forces to stabilise the country and ‘establish democracy’

Paul Kagame did allude to two elements of this new redesigning of East and Cental Africa in his interview in Doha:

a) He mentioned that his country has a geographical location issue.

b) He made what most observers thought was a wild dream: “We have Coltan and Gold and we control production of these metals onto the world market. I wish we had more than Coltan and Gold” Paul Kagame roughly mentioned. Since we know Rwanda has no such natural resources, we can comfortably conclude he meant DRC minerals. 

c) He stated that Rwanda’s security issue had been solved in a Mushikirano meeting held in Kigali where he said those refugees who never made it to Rwanda in the forceful repatriation that happened were “the unlucky ones”. His audience laughed at the rhetoric suggestion because it sounded sadistic, however, Kagame had another reason why he thought so. It’s clear that in Paul Kagame’s mind, Rwanda has hit oil, following the occupation of Eastern DRC, Without firing a single bullet. 

This new State is supposed to take in:
1. Rwanda 
2. Burundi 
3. Province Orientale
4. North Kivu 
5. South Kivu 
6. Katanga 
7. Kasai Occidental 
8. Kasai Orientale.

This territory has an area of 1,537,867 km² compared to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania whose total area is 1,766,491 km²

This plan is supported by major Western powers with the exception of France. 

The Banyamulenge are being uprooted to go to Rwanda, so they become the main diplomatic chip. This is being re-enforced with the militia groups operating in DRC where many were Rwandan allies:

a) Mai Mai
b) Abafureru 
c) Ababembe 
d) Abanyindu.

These groups were organised and armed by RDF and were given an assignment to plunder, property and engage in cattle rustling and burn down Banyamulenge houses 

Today, all these groups and Rwandan armed groups are the main scape goat why Rwanda will present to the United Nations Security Council for a new State in that region to prevent genocide. 

Preparations for this extremely expensive adventure began with M23 but was foiled by SADC, especially South Africa and Tanzanian forces. This was made possible because Joseph Kabila the then President was aware of the strategic consequences of appeasing Paul Kagame.

President Tshekedi on the other hand keeps giving concessions to imperial forces because his election was contested and he is probably inherently not up to the task of managing a state like DRC. 

When Paul Kagame mentioned that: “We are going to raise the cost of doing business”, he meant what he has already achieved. His deployments are nearly completed. He only needs to move into what he is calling buffer states: Kasai and Pronvince Orientale.


1. Various DRC based radio broadcasts that have detailed the deployment of old RPA formations: Brigade sized battalions, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th. Inkeragutabara have their own formations unkown to many on the ground. 

2. Sources from within FARDC unhappy with how President Tshekedi has suddenly made possible the frature of DRC 

3. The Banyamulenge community who don’t want to have anything to do with Rwanda. 

4. The UN where the UNSC will play an important role by sending in a large force. Reports say the force will facilitate transfer of advanced military materials,intelligence and air force cover to RDF