Paul Kagame’s regime continues to use lies and manipulation to weaken the opposition and stay in power.

I just read an article entitled “Kabuga’s son-in-law case files aigainst Theogene Rudasingwa in Brussels” I would like to make a formal denial of the contents of this article and draw the attention of my friends in the opposition but also the entire international community about what Kagame’s regime has acted on this detestable way of the regime at bay I would first start by saying that there is not any dispute between myself and Dr. RUDASINGWA. I worked with him for two years in a nearly perfect agreement when I was in RNC. I do not handle or remote wealth of Mr. Kabuga, which the current regime has been also shared by himself, as well as it known he was stripped of all his possessions in Rwanda and those abroad have been blocked. Some would understand that this article full of lies and amalgam had only one goal namely, to sow discord within the Rwandan opposition in general and in particular between the RNC (Rwanda National Congress) and the CPC (Coalition of Political partiies for Change) through Dr. RUDASINGWA and myself because they fear the rapprochement of our two political movements. I would also like to clarify that I have not left the RNC due to any problem with Theogene RUDASINGWA but following a disagreement we had on the strategy to use for the opposition rally when the FDLR decided to lay down their arms and to rally the rest of the opposition for a political struggle. I keep in touch with my friends from the RNC and I am sure that soon we will reshape our country together to liberateour country from this regime who was committing the worst atrocities and still manages to come out by lies and manipulation. Lies and manipulation, specialty of Paul Kagame, are both weapons that allowed the RPF to seize power in Rwanda. I remind that before seizing power in Rwanda, he was responsible for the same and dirty work in the Ugandan army. Once at the head of Rwanda, he built this system’s governance. For this “technique” (new term currently used in Rwanda to discuss the political manipulation) the regime of Paul Kagame has managed some feats that are worth noting. At the international level: – He was able to give the world the image of the hero who stopped the genocide, thereby forgetting that it was he who triggered by shooting the plane of President Juvenal Habyarimana; – For nearly 20 years he has managed to stifle the genesis of any form of opposition accusing him systematically and often wrongly, to be linked to genocidaire forces.

– For 15 years, he managed to plunder the wealth of the DRC, with the blessing of the international community under the pretext of pursuing alleged genocidal FDLR, which now makes him one of the world’s richest presidents. Currently it became clear, including the latest reports such as mapping report of the UN, it is Paul Kagame who maintained the war in eastern of the DRC, using on the battlefield the FDLR combatants handed him the DRC. – He even managed, and admire the prowess to intimidate major powers such as France, the country of human rights, accusing him of participating in the genocide that he himself initiated.

– He also managed to blame the greatest power in the world, the United States of America, accusing him of having done nothing to stop the genocide then when there were discussing at the UN to intervene military to stop the genocide, he is strongly opposed because it might prevent him from seizing the power.

At the national level, lies and manipulations of State are part of the daily lives of citizens resigned: weapons concealed in cars or houses of honest people to have an excuse to put them in jail or deprive them of their assets, the prostitutes often use minors to trap influential Western or international investigators, using these same prostitutes to make false accusations of rape to imprison those who do not like the power and so on. I would just add that this technique of false accusations that prevents the vast majority of refugees to return to Rwanda. It is time that all opposition forces unite to liberate our country from this system of lies and manipulation became a veritable plague of Rwandan society.

Dr Paulin MURAYI

President of the UDR (Rwandan Democratic Union)

2nd Vice Chairman of the CPC (Coalition of political parties Rwanda for Change