Perks of Being a Freelance Writer

An office job is something that most people, especially youngsters dislike. No doubt, they want to earn money, but they don’t like to work out of their comfort zone.  Due to this, they always look for easy opportunities to earn a decent amount of money. 

As if I share my experience, it was not bad, but yes, I also faced many issues when I was an office employee. But from the previous few years, I started to work as a freelance writer and I’m making a good amount of money. When I started it, I didn’t get high traffic of clients, but these days it is way too a good job for me. 

You may wonder why I’m telling this? A few days ago I was reading a post where most people commented that they are not satisfied with their jobs, some commented that they don’t enjoy working in an office, and many more comments like that. So I decided to write an article about a job that is more flexible and allow you to earn a good amount of money. This job only requires fluent English, command on grammar, and high vocabulary.  Yes, I’m talking about freelance writing and below are the most important advantages that freelancing offers you all. 

  1. No Fixed Time to Work

Unlike an office job, when one works as a freelance writer, he/she does not need to wake up every 6 am to be on time. When you are an office employee, you have to follow the timetable. On the other hand, freelancing free all of us from these shackles. One can enjoy his/her sleep, breakfast, a cup of tea or coffee, and then start the writing work. 

2. No Strict Rules to Obey

Every office has different rules and regulations for its employees, which they have to follow.  One cannot succeed or survive by disobeying these rules. For instance, if you’re an office employee, you have to be on time, you need to complete your daily tasks, you’re not allowed to leave office before the off-time, and many more. On the other side, when you work from home, you are totally free from all kinds of rules. You can start your work whenever you feel fresh. 

3. Easy Way to Earn a Decent Amount of Money

When you start working as an online writer, you may not get high traffic but after a few times, you’ll see the profit. As it is the age of technology, all businessmen need a writer to promote their products. Students look for reliable essay writing service to buy writing documents. You can earn a decent amount by writing for these people. 

4. No Office Politics

For me, the most irritating part of being an office employee is going through office politics. Most of the times, employees create a tussle among themselves to get a promotion. They start plotting and planning. Some people can deal with it; others may not and working in such an environment negatively impacts on the work quality. 

5. Freedom to Take Breaks and Leaves

Offices employees only allow taking one leave in a month and one hour break in a day. But you work from home you can take leaves and always free to breaks and naps. So working in a free environment is comparatively better than office job and it also improves the work quality and quantity.