Pilato had a hand in the murder of General Aronda, Brig. Mayombo and AIGP Kaweesi.

By Seruga Titus

Be reminded that this post contains facts and theories, readers have the liberty to pick facts from it and use them as they wish, I Seruga Titus will not be answerable for redistribution of this article nor will I at any one time release the source of this information.


In East Africa there is a country that has chosen to perform its security activities as North Korea, as Israel, and as Russia. It’s intelligence organs UNIS and DMI operate similarly like MOSAD, KGB and CMI combined.

Who is Pilato? Pilato was the name given to General Paul Kagame during bush war days by his comrades, then he headed the disciplinary board, he made several death orders of indisciplined officers even those considered lighter crimes, Until generals asked Museveni to talk to him, he did the same with the RPA be reminded that Pilato was not the original RPA leader but General Rwegyema Who is believed to have been killed by his own colleagues on orders of Pilato claiming he was slow on taking action. Habyarimana’s assassination is also blamed on him according to French investigators who still want him to answer questions.

When Pilato took charge of the RPA they quickly advanced to Kigali Due to the aggressiveness, dude had no respect for colleagues’ lives on the battle field.

As soon as they arrived and took power General Pilato’s other side came out, he selected those who were so close to Rwegyema and the persecution started, he was quick to appoint them and later arrest them on cooked up cases of corruption, many started running to Uganda and Europe. Pilato was quick to avoid the Rwegyema repeat, rumours where going around that he had planned Rwegyema’s death, he knew that if he left these boys around they would revenge.

But let closely analyse this death, relate it to that of Kayira and Garaga what’s common? The three are powerful leaders with influence in their respective armies and the three are closely connected to Uganda they all die slightly the same way. Rwegyema dies during the war that leads his army to power, Kayiira Dies after winning the war, and Garaga dies after winning independence and presence, Is it possible that these three were killed for power? I leave that to you.

Pilate knew that since his relationship with generals in Uganda was not very good there was a big possibility that those persecuted would be given refuge and arms to fight back, be reminded that the group are his tribes-mates ideally you would expect Hutus to be his biggest worry, just like in Uganda Museveni’s biggest worry are the Westerners yet he comes from that same side, colleagues in the RPA felt betrayed just like KB and Other in Uganda felt betrayed, Mayombo was following a lead that KB was being supported by Kagame, during those days Mayombo’s intelligence produced a dossier that led to the arrest of KB, there were phone taps and intelligence information indicating that KB had met with Rwandese officials in South Africa. Mayombo couldn’t survive Rwanda he was their main target then, mayombo’s last words clearly said it all, Pilato is so smart on all his missions the blame will be on Museveni and the NRM, the NRM will use all its effort to coverup these cases but damage is already done since even these coverups affect their image.

Pilato’s missions in Uganda have all been covered by the media, all media houses drive the public to the wrong theory look at the Kaweesi murder and Kazini murder, look at Mayombo and Aronda murders, non of these are innocent murders, intelligence agencies have only recently discovered that Rwanda had a hand in All these.

Back to why Rwanda sees Uganda as a threat even when such threat is far fetched.

Pilato fearing that his former colleagues would wage war he decided to camp in Uganda security agencies and forces, At the start it wasn’t easy in fact he totally failed to penetrate the army, with Brig. Mayombo on top of his game he was very intelligent, General Kazini was a sworn friend of Rwegyema, basically all the generals that participated in the 1980-86 liberation War were hurt by Rugyema’s death, they had no business with Kagame, this explains the Kisangani battle between Uganda and Rwanda, The Jet Mwebaze murder and others.

DMI focused on murdering officers of the UPDF that posed a threat, Pilato and his boys believed that these generals and historicals could back Kayumba and his team in fight RPA, soon Ugandan general realised they were not safe, this was after the Kazini Murder. There was a time when officers were dying like chicken in Uganda. A meeting was held between General Museveni, Tumwine and Saleh to find out why this was happening and what would be the immediate solution.

DMI operates like KGB and CMI combined, they managed to capture the attention of General Aronda, He knew little about the past issues, he was only being professional to his job, Aronda was approached with a deal and he took it, little did he know that general Museveni had spies on every general with or without power, your bodyguard is always his spies and will pick information in real-time.

Junior officers like Brig Mugira, Kandiho, Kyanda and Muhoozi plus others started undermining the CDF just like you have seen police officers undermining Kale, the CDF was not meeting eye to eye with Museveni for a sometime. Finally he realized something was wrong and went straight to Museveni, he confessed and asked for forgiveness then the big man had to appoint him the minister of internal affairs. Pilato got the information and decided to finish him off just like he did to Mayombo he used poison from Russia called Botulinum it is very effective.

Why did Aronda have to die? He was highly trained, disciplined and he had knowledge of all Pilato’s missions, general Museveni had smartly appointed him Minister of Internal Affairs, a position that oversees the Police. Be reminded that he knew Police was being used by DMI, it’s was only him capable of a clean up in the force and immigration since he knew exactly what was happening.
On the other side General Kayihura felt undermined, he knew that soon he would report to the internal affairs minister than the president, indeed in some cases the minister of internal affairs made orders directly to junior officers, if you recall Grace Turyagumanawe one time contradicted with the IGP on Besigye’s arrest, Grace gave orders to junior officers to set him free yet the IGP had issued strict orders to contain him. Grace publically said he had recieved orders from above, Ugandans wondered who the above was this time. Aronda went on to make changes in the Immigration system making it difficult for DMI Agents to acquire nationality.

General Kayihura brought in Rwandese claiming that they would vote for Museveni, indeed voted but with a secret ballot it was difficult to tell if the votes for Museveni’s extended rule or not, but the question was how long would they stay voting for him, KK and Pilato had a future plan, the same people after voting yes would be integrated into societ and later given jobs in the army and police, this happened and still happening. Although general Museveni got short term benefits the long term benefits went to Rwanda. So for everything KK did for Museveni there was a hidden agenda, in the long run it’s would benefit them (KK and Pilato)

Back to our murders

The infamous Kaweesi Murder. Why exactly was Kaweesi a threat to his best friends and associates.

Let me introduce AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, he was a Rwandese by Origin, just like many Ugandans in Lwego, Sembabule and some parts of Greater Masaka, during migration of Rwandese Tutsis running away from persecution many moved to Uganda, most moved to Kisoro and crossed over to Greater Masaka rich families integrated into societies as the poor went straight to camps, keep in mind that Rwandese and Banyankole are not the greatest of friends, they settled more in Buganda and many took up kiganda names, Many like Eddy Kenzo the musician, Mutabazi the Chairman Lwego actually in Lwego more kinyarwanda is spoken than Luganda, Kaweesi too was never a muganda.

Andrew Felix was an opportunist Who took every opportunity By his hands, he became close to General Kayihura for his willingness to share rumours with the boss in the force. He started off as Kayihura’s ADC, then the general desired to have him in all the big assignments. Kaweesi was so humble to the big man and made sure to follow every assignment to the dot.

Kayihura wanted someone he could trust to be the lead in Rwandan operations, someone with knowledge , his best man Nixon appeared stupid in front of sexy squirting ladies, he couldn’t trust him with serious business meetings. Kaweesi therefore became the point man. Their missions were a success Making them so rich as Rwanda was willing to fund them. To Kagame using Uganda Police to fight his enemies was cheaper than directly fighting them in future.

Rwanda funded this section of Police on a rumour that General Saleh was helping Kayumba and his boys form a rebel group in Uganda, Burundi and Congo, the purported Rebels were recieving funding from France through general Saleh.

Uganda Police officers including Kaweesi had the task of neutralising this claimed rebel group, by so doing they had to arrest all suspected rebels and return them to Rwanda where they met death on arrival. In short Uganda police officers where benefiting from these operations. It’s not clear if there is a rebel group anyway but since there has not been a single bullet fired we can assume that there is no such thing as a rebel group in Uganda, nevertheless money was recieved and spent, people got killed.

Let’s go back to Kaweesi and why he was killed, at some point Kayihura decided to rely more on Nixon, his reasoning was that Kaweesi was becoming a liability, Kaweesi had sent word that he needed to meet Muhoozi the first son,the two hard a meeting, Kaweesi thought that since there was a pending change of guards at the police force he would launch his intentions by providing information to the first son, unfortunately for him the first son was not very close to the dad that particular time, he simply asked him to talk to general Tumukunde who was a new power house, Tumukunde listened to Kaweesi as he provided all information regarding missions, general Kayihura had planted a spy in Tumukundes office, he got everything and immediately changed Kaweesi to a lesser position of spokesperson, General Kayihura with clearance from Kagali then planned to assassinate Kaweesi, Nixon was ordered to find the best person for the job. Benz and Minana were the best at this game, they had both not missed a target, both had previously worked on the same job (Kagezi Murder) Rwanda through Ismael Baguma provided the weapons meetings were held in Uganda and Rwanda.

After the Tumukunde Meeting, Mr Museveni was asked to meet Kaweesi, a meeting was set up on the evening of 17th March, exactly the same date Kaweesi was murdered, killers wanted to make sure they don’t let him meet the president since that would mean game over for Kayihura.

In the next episode I will present to you how General Museveni reacted to Kaweesi Murder and Who he blamed for it.