Popularity of various sports and all todays livescore

Among all sports, football, with its audience of 4 billion fans around the world who appreciate the intriguing moments of a great game, is firmly placed in the first position. Moreover, all todays livescore attract attention of the audience with bright moments — this is true for cricket fans (2 billion), tennis and basketball fans (1 billion each). The popularity of other sports is divided according to the interest by country. Thus, for America, a special place is occupied by rugby and hockey, which also have a wide audience of fans in Russia, Denmark, and Sweden.

Also, many fans of major sports like volleyball and handball. At the same time, the magnificent Olympics occupies a special place i their hearts, where all athletes and teams try to achieve the highest results.


In addition to football, which is incredibly popular worldwide, other sports should be highlighted here – the American NBA and NHL are of great interest to the viewers. Apart from team competitions, tennis has a huge army of fans. In particular, fans like to watch the WTA and ATP tournaments for women and men. The leaders of our time are Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams and many others. Many legendary players have already been replaced by young talents demonstrating a great game.

According to the current all today’s livescores, the best teams in the NBA are:

  1. Los Angeles Lakers – the legendary club has seriously weakened recently, but in the current offseason its roster was replenished with quite good basketball players. In particular, they managed to sign a star, Anthony Davis.
  2. Los Angeles Clippers – Kawhi Lenard’s unexpected decision to choose not the Lakers, but another club in the city, elevates the Clippers to the ranks of the favorites. Kawhi will be assisted by another star forward – Paul George – and other fairly strong basketball players.
  3. Golden State Warriors – the Warriors have recently been in incredible shape. Even despite the fact that Kevin Durant left the team and Clay Thompson is injured, the club claims the best results and the title.

In addition to these strong teams, Milwaukee Bucks, Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets are considered pretty strong, too.

NHL is somewhat less valued than the NBA, but hockey is also very interesting and you can’t single out a clear favorite of winning the Stanley Cup. The list of strong teams includes Toronto, Tampa Bay, Washington, and Pittsburgh. The season is already in full swing, so the fans are watching with particular interest the performance of their idols and favorite teams.

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