Portland , Maine is no longer the capital of RPF in the United State, Has RPF lost it in ME?

Saturday April 27, 2013; the coordinator of Rwanda National Congress, Dr. Rudasingwa Theogene visited Portland, ME.

Portland, ME was known to be Ambassador Kimonyo and RPF’s territory until recently. Rwandans across the world have come to realize that RPF was nothing but an empty promise. On Saturday Apr 27th, supporters of RNC in Portland, Me gathered and discussed varieties of issues facing our nation. Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa was the guest of honor at the event, where members discussed politics and socialized afterwards

“I am here to share with you my ideas on issues and challenges that our country is facing”, said Dr. Rudasingwa. Speaking at the Portland Regency Hotel, Dr. Rudasingwa exposed the achievements of the Rwanda National Congress in the past two years, on aspects like winning the political narrative, advancing on the diplomatic arena and working on the structuring of the movement both abroad and in Rwanda. He was happy to announce that the RNC would be soon broadcasting on short waves, which will allow the Rwandese to listen to that radio wherever they are.

He gave a diagnosis of the political situation in Rwanda that one of the participants qualified as “a doctor’s perspective of Rwanda politics”. He reaffirmed the commitment of the RNC to work on two pillars in the search of a democratic Rwanda that will overcome the cycle of violence, exiles and self-destruction of the sons and daughters of one country: truth and justice. RNC believes that, politicians should build on “truth” and “justice” that leads to fairness if they want to ensure that Rwanda becomes a more just society. He called for a Truth and Reconciliation, taking South African as a model to follow.

The overall tone of the presentation and the debate that followed was highly appreciated by the participants who commended the sincerity of his positions and RNC clear vision of Rwanda and the geopolitics in the great lakes region. Dr. Rudasingwa thanked RNC members for their support. He also invited the participants to read his book: “Healing a Nation: A testimony” where he explains more his analysis of Rwanda political challenges and proposes a roadmap for positive changes towards building democracy and real reconciliation in Rwanda.


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