Post Kagame era will be the most challenging period in the history of Rwanda

Faustin Twagiramungu

By Gakwerere

All types of political leaders will come and go, contrary to what criminal Paul Kagame thinks; his tyrannical tenure will also come to an end. Unfortunately, he is corrupted with power to see that his style is unsustainable.

It is only a delusional character who would think of a dynastical creation in Rwanda. It is due to this back ground that I had a discussion with my usual friend. I have always posted this friend’s political outlook in regard to Rwanda.

During Rwanda’s sham election campaign we had a great conversation. We both agreed that in Rwanda there won’t be a peaceful transition, the road to remove Paul Kagame will be bloody and nasty, as the criminal ruler has closed all avenues of democratic processes. Obviously criminal Paul Kagame will go!!

The question was on who is capable of leading the post Kagame transitional government. My friend, with clear conviction and sincere belief mentioned Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin. By the mention of Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin, I laid back and I became the interrogator, as I asked questions after question.

The answers to my questions where valid and well founded; I was reminded to listen to Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin’s previous interviews. He is always showing the highest levels of political maturity; well delivered answers, clear political vision, understanding of political past and the suffering that both ethnics have gone through during different regimes.

My friend went on and on, profiling and admiring Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin while at the same time elaborating the great advantages in allowing Mzee Twagiramungu to lead the post Kagame transition.

My friend reminded me that Mzee Twagiramungu has no single blood in his hands and lost his entire extended family at the hands of both ethnics (tutsi and hutu); he has seen the wrath from both ethnics therefore being capable and fit person to usher in the needed reconciliation and unity in post Kagame error.

My friend’s depth belief in Twagiramungu, reminded me of Robert Web’s analogy, “The way people imagine their political leaders is, like it or not, an important factor in how they decide to vote and, indeed, whether they vote at all.” But in this case, the imagination of Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin was with high expectation.

Post Kagame era will be the most challenging period in the history of Rwanda, what I only hope and pray; it’s not having another Paul Kagame under a deferent body and name. I totally believe that whoever comes, he or she wouldn’t be as evil as Kagame. Criminal Paul Kagame is a unique character – vampire.

Soon I will be approaching this friend for a debate, analysis and ideological perspectives in regard to opposition political parties……… be posted..