President Kagame and 2017: If it is not a joke, tell me what it is.

As the years pass by, they become activated and panicking around President Kagame and in the columns of all the media available to them.More Catholic than the Pope, they invent preposterous reasons they find him an apology, they even distort his words and downright believe thinking for the people. “They” are all those compatriots who imagine no stable and prosperous Rwanda without General Kagame. Before them, others had naively believed that without the mwami, milk fails to Rwanda! Believing today away a certain spirit Burkinabe or exorcise Rwanda, the new (and old) sycophants Kagame do everything to mitigate the bitterness of the pill they prepare for us to swallow for 2017: a third mandate!

On the asset side of their candidate always, they remind and hammer the “economic miracle” of what had been hastily (so clumsily) designed to become an African Singapore; they insist on kagamienne security management and they finally underline the unique character, almost messianic character (alone, it seems, can be obeyed by the army and save the Rwandans in case of …). For all this, they drool, Article 101 of the Rwandan constitution must be stepped on, at least, revised and corrected to afandienne sauce; that is to say, to allow the current president to re-enlist for seven long years. Here’s how indeed we can drown (and cause the people) into a river, taking it carelessly for a pool.

Economy and security. What to say to a few months of 2017? Without align boring (since technical) digit “miracle” there just be observed growth rates in neighboring countries. In 2013, the DRC was of 8.5%; Uganda: 5.2%; Tanzania: 7%; Kenya: 4.9%; Burundi: 4.8%. How then speak in such an environment, that 7% of Rwanda? Because the country out of war? So what! Mozambique has lost a million of his own during his liberation war (1976 – 1992) he has not done 7.1% in 2013? So nothing to be proud with this spreadsheet, after all “normal.” Is the security, but what security? These disappearances and murders? These teachers have not been paid for months? Those students who take the devil by the tail? The endless tensions with neighboring countries? If it does not make fun of the people, tell me what it is that this other term in 2017.

President Paul Kagame, say it openly, will not be in his third term in 2017, no! What happens when his “first” because it is common knowledge that Pasteur Bizimungu as president, the real president was … the Vice President Paul Kagame. The latter, together, regimented, ruled, governed, judged, slapped, imprisoned, exiled and waged war for exactly a period of 5 years, 8 months and 5 days (1994-2000). Las exercise the function without the coat, General Kagame landed his “president” and was elected in his place. Since then, he believes investing some authority by divine right, like the old monarchs. Even so, the officials that pension length humiliates know not see it! More ridicules the president, the more they tell him stories and will even deny such pretentious lawyer, the basic principles of their knowledge.

The height and the president himself and for all the griots who argue for a third (fourth?) Mandate that the person has one day said it would be for him a bitter failure if at the end of his long term as head of state, he was not able to go out to a suitably prepared compatriot. Better, in an interview with Fareed Zakaria (host of the Global Public Square on CNN), Kagame was clearer one can on the subject: “Are you going to tell me That you won’t run for – that you Will not Be in office for follow than your two constitutional terms? “Will you tell me that you will not go beyond your two terms? Reply Kagame:

No, I think the constitution is not there by accident. It Was There for a purpose, and I am There to serve That purpose. So, I respect our constitution, and, in fact, maybe Would wish to give – or to leave a gift with my people. And that’s – and I want to do it – Most of the things are happening today. And That Would Be gift to leave a legacy behind power Where can leave -people can leave power, and pass it on for others to run and lead the country, and it happens in a steady environment, and it has Becomes a cultural norm and That it will go on like that. The interview took place in 2009; six years later, why so many satellites orbiting the power do they strive to force the presidential hand? Above all, why the person must deny and does not see the trap him?

Except here, the trap is called (the) people have believed that General Kagame and, as so aptly novelist Alphonse Karr, “Property is a trap that we believe we have to have. »

Cecil Kami

Source:Now Latest