President Mpambara Joined Former Head Of State Kagame On His Global Tour. Ange Kagame In Charge Of Rwanda 😂 (satire)

By David Himbara

President Ines Mpambara (right) sighted in Quebec, Canada.
President Ines Mpambara is taking a break from running the Republic of Rwanda. Mpambara apparently decided to join her predecessor, Paul Kagame, who is on a global tour. Prime Minister Ange Kagame is the one now running Rwanda. Mpambara and Kagame, together with their large entourage, were sighted in Canada’s Charlevoix region, La Malbaie, a beautiful mountain town where tourists visit year-round for kayaking, hiking, fishing, and river cruises.

Asked by a reporter who was running Rwanda in her absence, President Mpambara replied that it was her Prime Minister Ange Kagame who is in charge.

Rwanda’s prime minister Ange Kagame.
Ange Kagame has held the premier position since 2017. She is known to be an effective administrator who learned from the best — her father Paul Kagame — the former Rwandan head of state. Still, the reporter wanted to know from Mpambara if Ange Kagame was experienced enough to run a government on her own. Mpambara appeared to be irritated by the question. She responded:

”Running Rwanda is very easy. Rwandans follow orders like cows. All Ange Kagame has to do is issue orders.”

President Mpambara added that journalists were wrong in treating Rwanda as a banana republic. She further explained:

”You foreign journalists are very ignorant. You make me sick with your ridiculous questions. Look, Rwanda is not your typical African state. We are the Singapore of Africa, you know? Get that straight. Ange Kagame has a great cabinet including her mother Nyiramongi Kagame, and other able ministers such as Kaboneka and Kabarebe. Rwanda is therefore well equipped to run smoothly whether I am there or not. Do not confuse my country with a banana republic. We are best ranked in every category by the World Bank. So buzz off.”

Before the reporter could follow up with another question, President Mpambara stormed off surrounded by her bodyguards.😂