President of hate Kagame Paul even in grave your family and friends continue to pay till their extinction on planet

By Kayumba Rugema

These are some photos of Goreth Kalimba with her happy family but happiness is no more since Kagame is for sad term.

It is a week over since Goreth was taken by DMI staffs from home where even the mobile phone of the husband Karimba was taken just because the wife has been warned not to talk to the sister the wife of late Col. Patrick Karegeya.

Why should state separate families?

This is the policy of rpf/ Kagame of isolating members of the community who disagreed with his government or his or her family member does.

Where does the regime benefit from isolating members what they call akato?

This akoto or isolation it was used far back in history before the coming of vaccinations people with contagious diseases were given akato or isolation and these people would wait for their death in isolation where off course they died sadly the term our tormentor is working had to make the nation live sadly!

Victims are numerous in these days of forced sad term both civilians and solders have not found it well and it is in similar way four senior officers of RDF and police no one has known where they were kept by the sadistic regime of president dictator Kagame!

We request all concerned Rwandans to be the voices of our fellows who are like living in the jaws of death.

Col. Gishaija Joseph served the dictator with all his heart in his useful age and he is paid like all his comrades like Col. Byabagamba, Rugigana and Frank Rusagara who will end part of their lives in jail.

Col. Rugazora Emmanuel has not been spared with all good he did while serving the malicious hateful president in his personal army as he says now he waits for political crimes like other nationals of our heritage.

Members of our heritage when the regime institutionalizes anarchy civil disobedience becomes a responsibility.