President Paul Kagame Has A Unique Management Style

By David Himbara

A Facebook friend wrote to me earlier asking if I know the new managers Kagame appointed for RwandAir. I replied that I did not know. My friend then informed me that the new CEO of RwandAir is somebody by the name of Colonel Chance Ndagano. And what was the profession of the good colonel doing taking over the management of national airline? Colonel Chance Ndagano was apparently a judge at the military tribunal.

Who did Kagame appoint the airline’s deputy CEO in charge of operations? Lt Col Sylvere Mugiraneza. My Facebook friend is not sure what Mugiraneza did before.

Who did Kagame appoint deputy CEO in charge of operations for the airline? Yvonne Manzi Makolo. And what was Makolo doing before? She was in mobile phone business.

The two colonels (Ndagano and Mugiraneza) and a lady (Makolo) join a third colonel – Colonel Silas Udahemuka, who is the chief of Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority. Previously, Udahemuka served in the republican guard.

You must admit this is a unique management style. We pray for the new Kagame team and wish the team all the best as it takes on the global competition.