President Paul Kagame is not one to make deals he will honor. His default position is promise breaker, conspirator, pathological liar, serial killer, regional bully and warlord-all folded into one. Nothing you could possibly offer that will quench his insatiable thirst for innocent blood. A brief lull, based on his tactical needs, normally precedes his hand of vengeance striking at those he has conveniently labeled enemies.I am taking liberty to make public, for the first time, audio files and transcript, on how Kagame, Kabarebe, Munyuza and Rutagungira planned to assassinate me. Of the agents that Rwanda has deployed in Uganda to engage in killing Rwandans and Ugandans, none has been as notorious and effective as Rutagungira. Working under close supervision of Dan Munyuza (Rwanda’s Inspector General of Police), General James Kabarebe (until recently the Minister of Defence, and now Kagame’s Senior Advisor), and the much dreaded Directorate of Military Intelligence, Rutagungira is part of a vast criminal network that Kagame runs to keep his bloody dictatorship afloat. Everything Kagame has said and done since Rutagungira was arrested in Uganda proves that he was the most important asset who knew too much. Kagame closed Rwanda’s border with Uganda, and was willing to start a war and assassinate Uganda’s senior leaders over this asset in whom top secrets were embedded.President Kagame already tried and condemned me in absentia (2011) to 24 years in jail for telling him he has hijacked the RPF revolution, and put Rwanda in harm’s way. My codename, Rukara, was coined by Rutagungira , Munyuza and Kabarebe. As the reader goes through the Rukara Files, you will be looking direct into Kagame’s psychopathic mind, and the minds of the criminals who serve him in the uppermost echelons of the Rwandan state.It is our patriotic duty to ultimately uproot, through peaceful means, Kagame’s criminal networks. Only a new dispensation that nourishes the right to life, the rule of law, and democratic governance will enable all Rwandans to unite and heal, so that East Africa can be secure, peaceful and prosperous.

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