Press Release

ISSUED ON JUNE 03 , 2021

We, the Rwandan Alliance for the National Pact, inform Rwandans and friends of Rwanda that the latest information we have this June 03, 2021, based on our sources in Mozambique is that the journalist, founding member of our movement, Cassien NTAMUHANGA is in the hands of the Mozambican police. A person whose identity cannot be communicated now has been able to perceive him.

As a recall, he was arrested on May 23, 2021 at Inhaca Island and he was immediately led to the nearest police station (20th Mozambican Police Station) where he was been handcuffed by the Mozambican police before being transported by boat to the city of Maputo and jailed. We have in our possession testimonies and have identified at least one person involved in the operation. Therefore, the government of Mozambique cannot deny its involvement in this unlawful arrest.

We are still calling countries bordering Rwanda and Mozambique to be on alert and avoid being complicit in case any unlawful kidnapping by road is tempted.

We are still asking the international community and human rights organizations to call on Mozambique to act in accordance with Mozambican and international law.

We reiterate that one of the commanders of a police station where Cassien NTAMUHANGA was detained under his supervision has acknowledged his presence before the police spokesperson gives another confusing version.

In case Mr. Cassien Ntamuhanga is found in Rwanda, the Government of Mozambique will sully its reputation and the people involved will have to face justice for this alarming violation of the international law and basic human rights under a shameful manipulation of the Kigali dictatorial regime.

In the meantime, we continue, with the help of our lawyer, to act towards the Mozambican authorities so that they respect and apply the Mozambican and international law to protect the basic human rights and dignity of Cassien NTAMUHANGA.

The Rwandan Alliance for the National Pact- RANP Abaryankuna

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